[music, applause] Walk onstage, walk onstage, walk onstage, walk onstage. I am a thought leader. You know that I’m a thought leader because I’m wearing a blazer, I have glasses, and I’ve just done this with my hands. I will now walk over to my laptop. by doing so, I’m… Continue Reading ‘Thought Leader’ gives talk that will inspire your thoughts | CBC Radio (Comedy/Satire Skit)

# [reflective music] Dear six-year-old, training wheels are for babies. Just let go already. Regards, a seven-year-old. Dear seven-year-old, no matter what anyone says, stay weird. Signed, an eight-year-old. Dear eight-year-old, find out your babysitter’s weakness, then use it against them. Signed, a nine-year-old. Dear nine-year-old, don’t get involved with… Continue Reading How to Age Gracefully | CBC Radio

♪ [gentle guitar]You know, I feel like I grew up around firewood.Grew up around wood, I grew up around wood burning stoves,fireplaces.I feel like it’s kind of in my blood.My name is Jesse Horne, and I am the founderof Smoke and Flame Firewood Company. North America’s only premium hand crafted… Continue Reading Maker Series: Artisanal Firewood | CBC Radio (Comedy/Satire)

No, they all evaporated, actually. It was research, and I nosed them. I did, I nose them I confess it, but it did not involve drinking, it’s just a little fluid. You know that evaporation just continues, and the bottles are all empty. I think there’s probably about 60. There’s… Continue Reading Paul Kennedy’s office is full of treasures and memories | CBC Radio

Is anyone around to take a picture? I’m planking! and now everyone look at mommy’s Okay, somebody say something to make me laugh Let’s try this again… Uh, rain is wet snow C’mon babes, now on here Can you put it down a little bit? There you go, If you… Continue Reading Meet the social media influencer family | This is That