It’s an often sight of children at traffic signal begging and selling balloons, flowers or other stuff in every city of India Have you ever thought when you look at these children that where they come from? Where do they live? What their future will be? Wandering around the traffic… Continue Reading BALAKNAMA A NEWSPAPER BY STREET CHILDREN

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>>Narrator: The average American young person spends more than six and a half hours in front of some sort of screen each day. Surfing the web, watching TV, and playing games.>>Teacher: Okay, when you have a novel–>>Narrator: Yet, most schools treat the written word as the only means of communication… Continue Reading Media Smarts: Kids Learn How to Navigate the Multimedia World

Acute otitis media is the most common indication for which children in the United States receive antibiotics. Current guidelines recommend a 10-day course of antibiotics for children under two years of age. But given the growing concern about antimicrobial resistance, can the duration of antimicrobial treatment be shortened without changing… Continue Reading Shorter Antibiotic Treatment for Otitis Media

The Return of Superman, episode 192, “I Will Be Your Umbrella”. (A song is being broadcasts) (on radio throughout the whole country.) (It fills the hearts of listeners with emotion.) Who are you and where do you live? – He’s a Chinese dad. / – Pardon? – A Chinese dad.… Continue Reading Seol-Su-Dae star on a live radio show?? [The Return of Superman / 2017.07.30]

Dan: Luis, I understand today you took some plain, ordinary paper and turned into your very own newspaper. Luis: Yes. Dan: What is the headline on your newspaper today? Luis: Math is fun, if you do it on computers. Dan: [chuckles] Wait a second. Did you say the headline is,… Continue Reading Newspaper Headlines

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