[SOT: The guy is president of the United States. All right? Just calm down. He just won a democratic election, if you got problems with him then criticize him and engage him in and debate about the problem, but do not just march every time he tweets.] That’s Piers Morgan… Continue Reading Piers Morgan Wants Everyone to Stop Freaking Out About Donald Trump | Splash News TV

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania won’t be too interested in who takes home the Oscar for best, well, anything, because according to the White House, Mr. President won’t be tuning in. Us Magazine reports that Sean Spicer addressed the question of whether or not President Trump would tune… Continue Reading President Donald Trump and Melania Will Not Watch the Oscars | Splash News TV

Prince William is trending on Twitter today with claims He’s been cheating on his wife Kate Middleton, but it’s the Twitter reactions that have us shook. What’s up guys? It’s Susan We’re here with clever news and today you might have been like us here in the clever newsroom Heading… Continue Reading Internet UP IN ARMS Over Prince William CHEATING On Kate Middleton

President Trump’s approval rating has hit a new all-time low. According to a new Gallup poll, Donald’s new numbers show that he now only has the support of only 40 percent of Americans. He entered the office with a 45 percent approval rating – the lowest of any incoming president… Continue Reading Trump’s Approval Rating Hit All-Time Low | Splash News TV

Seth Rogen is doing his part in the fight against President Donald Trump. The funnyman took to twitter to tweet Donald Trump Junior… to seize the opportunity and ask the President’s son a question. He wrote: Yo! Donald Trump Junior, I notice you follow me on Twitter. Please ask your… Continue Reading Seth Rogen Asks Donald Trump Jr. to Ask His Dad to Resign | Splash News TV