– Earlier this year I introduced you to an amazing, ambitious and totally sassy nine-year-old reporter, named Tiana. I was impressed with her talent and immediately sent her out on an assignment. Check her out. Please welcome nine-year-old Tiana Sirmans. (the audience cheers) What do you think makes a good… Continue Reading Watch A 9-Year-Old Reporter Intern At ‘Access’ And Interview Charlize Theron

-I have to comment on your shoes. Man! What are these jams? -Some Gucci loafers. Yeah! You’re pulling it off. You’re pulling it off, baby. Pretty good. -Really, just literally two minutes ago, I was putting cream on my ankles ’cause they were really ashy, so I’m glad I did… Continue Reading Idris Elba Shows Off His “Quiet Storm” Radio DJ Voice

Would you like to see the world’s simplest radio? Right there, you are looking at it All you have to do is attach it to an antenna, a ground and an earphone, to listen and you’ve got yourself a radio Lets do that Here we have everything we need. We… Continue Reading World’s Simplest Radio

Is it true that you were the heaviest baby in like the history of your county? The world, Jimmy. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, the history of the world. [LAUGHTER] – No, I– JIMMY KIMMEL: What did you weigh as a baby? I was in the newspaper as the– it said the… Continue Reading Billy Bob Thornton Was Newspaper Fat as a Baby

-♪ Look into the box ♪ ♪ In the suggestions box ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -This first one here is from Matt Ridley. -Oh! -It says, “Hey, Jimmy, I love at the end of the show when you high-five everyone in the audience. But with so many high… Continue Reading Audience Suggestion Box: Rockettes Dance from Radio City to The Tonight Show