In this demonstration you will see how easy it is to create a channel-neutral story and then publish it to your print and digital channels. Go into your dossier and then your channel-neutral story. In your channel-neutral story an image is missing. In your Elvis DAM system simply search for… Continue Reading Enterprise Aurora: Channel-neutral content creation

You might already know that channels in Slack help you work better with people at your company. With shared channels, you can work the same productive way with people at other companies. Instead of relying on email to relay info back and forth, imagine having a single, productive place to… Continue Reading Shared Channels on Slack | A better way to work with people outside your company

Hey Hayden Brown from if you have a small YouTube channel and have considered YouTube collaborations to grow your channel but just don’t know how to do it where to start or wonder how on earth you can get big channels to collaborate with you then watch on because… Continue Reading YouTube Collaborations | How Small Channels Can Get Started

Quantum interference enables constant-time quantum information processing We live in the age of information and thus efficient data processing is crucial. It is especially important in science, medicine, engineering and information technology that demand fast processing of images, sound, radio signal and records coming from various probes and cameras. Since… Continue Reading Quantum interference enables constant-time quantum information processing

sad old geezer How do you use us? Too late this asshole cannot be saved 「傲慢」「羨望」「憤怒」「怠惰」「貪欲」… 人格狂わす大罪 Stacked away Skanky waster You should know your shame Such a shithead All saints shall die Shitty loser You should know you’ re lame Such a dickhead All saints shall die Because there… Continue Reading 【the GazettE】 – 「RAGE」 VOCAL + GUITAR COVER † BabySaster & ZERO

TeamViewer 14 offers now to Company Administrators the possibility to predefine attributes of devices like the operating system, the department or other information, companywide. So all important fields that matter to company admins are fully customizable, centrally configurable for them via the management console. Afterwards, the customized fields are visible… Continue Reading TeamViewer 14 – Advanced Device Grouping & Custom Device Information