In ten days, people, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the first emperor of the United States. And by the way, if Trump sees that video of the funeral, best believe his inauguration’s also gonna have a stripper motorcade. He’ll be like, “Of course they’re not wearing anything. “All the… Continue Reading President-Elect Trump Takes On the Crooked Media: The Daily Show

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani is now also Donald Trump’s new lawyer, and in his debut last week, he revealed for the first time that Trump was involved in the late 2016 hush money payment to Stormy Daniels, despite Trump always having denied he knew about it. And the… Continue Reading Rudy Giuliani’s Catastrophic Media Blitz | The Daily Show

-Thank you so much. -Thank you so much for being here. This is one of those stories that genuinely hit me so hard, because it feels like you have lived through some of the most seminal moments in American history, and you were also reporting on it. You… you worked… Continue Reading Dorothy Butler Gilliam – Why the Media Is More Important Than Ever | The Daily Show

Right now the nation of Venezuela is not having a good time. The country is bankrupt, there’s food shortages, and something tells me, everyone is not a fan of the president. Next, the alleged assassination attempt playing out on live TV. The president of Venezuela speaking in a public square,… Continue Reading Venezuela’s Assassination Scare & Alex Jones’s Media Exile | The Daily Show

All right, welcome back. I’m here with my panel. First up,Nightly Show contributor Rory Albanese. (applause and cheering) AndNightly Showcontributor Franchesca Ramsey. (applause and cheering) You can see him in the spring premiere episode ofEmpire, “Death Will Have Its Day,” on Wednesday, March 30 at 9:00 p.m. on Fox. Actor… Continue Reading The Nightly Show – Panel – Donald Trump’s Abusive Relationship with the Media

-Now I stand. Now I stand. -There you go. -Where were you? -Now I stand. The Spade. The Spade. The Spade! -Get this out of here! -Oh, shit. This show takes 20 minutes to film. -Have fun. It goes fast. -SPADE: No, I know. We… We’re almost over, but, uh…… Continue Reading Khloe Kardashian Supposedly Hates Social Media Now – Lights Out with David Spade

When a news story falls through the cracks, Lewis Black catches it for a segment we call Back in Black. -♪ ♪ -(cheering, applause) You know, America has been blessed with some top-notch diseases. Swine flu, bird flu, and, of course, pizza rat chlamydia. I’ve had ’em all! Well, good… Continue Reading Back in Black – Social Media Helps Measles Make a Comeback | The Daily Show

Last night Donald Trump gave his first annual address to a joint session of congress, and by tradition, this speech is followed by a rebuttal from the opposition party. It was the first real chance for the Democrats to show who they will be in the era of Trump. I’m… Continue Reading The Media Falls for “Presidential” Trump (Again): The Daily Show

You know, soccer moms everywhere are freaking out because Chanum– Channing Tatum’s announcement. He’s leaving social media for a while. -He’s gonna focus on his art. -(awwing) And, uh, are you guys as deeply affected -by this as I am? -Yeah. Well, first of all, I’d like to compliment you… Continue Reading Why Kevin Nealon Muted Ringo Starr & Channing Tatum Left Social Media – Lights Out with David Spade