Darling, come here. It is time for your dinner. – Before that, I’ll feed this baby Now, go to bed. Darling, what are you doing in there? Let’s go out. Hurry up, we’re getting late. – Yes, mom! ‘All girls get hooked on, from a young age, to the idea… Continue Reading MakeUp Pichidi | Satyabhama | Tamada Media

It is past 8AM. No girl should sleep until so late. Get up. It is only 8:30AM. Why did you wake me up already? Oh, no! It is already 5:30AM. If I don’t sweep the front yard, mom would kill me! Why are you smiling? – Back in our day,… Continue Reading Amma Cheppindi | Satyabhama | Tamada Media

Mr Idiot Shastri, did you find my daughter any matches? – You didn’t find my son a single match yet. I brought a match which you can’t say no to. – Is it? How does the guy look? He is taller than your daughter. He is good looking. – How… Continue Reading Serial PelliChoopulu || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Shit! It is 10 already. Any updates? That is my brush. I didn’t click a single selfie since morning. ‘Eating healthy food. Morning breakfast.’ What the.. 500 likes in 30 seconds? ‘Breaking news! All social media sites are to be banned by government starting tomorrow.’ How could anyone ban social… Continue Reading With & Without Social Media || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

‘In the school prefect elections, Jones won over Vikram by a 15 vote majority.’ Don’t look so happy. You’ve won the elections but not marks. – I’ll make sure that I’ll pass my exams this time. If you don’t you’ll be debarred anyway. – Yes, sir. It is a disgrace… Continue Reading Exams || School Diaries Ep 4 || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Why are we here? dude, My sister’s friend has come, have to meet them! Dude, Is that a girl? Move! Dude! my sister’s friends won’t be that good looking! you should know it when she has sent me! Dude, whatever! I don’t mind! I’ll adjust! Please dude! Alright, Check if… Continue Reading The Unexpected Kadhal Kadhai || Wirally Tamil || Tamada Media

President Donald Trump– still not used to saying that. Last night, he flew 8,000 miles for his first state visit to India. Now, Trump’s in India partly to negotiate a trade deal, and partly to get his copy of the Kama Sutra signed. Yeah, Trump and Melania use that book… Continue Reading Trump Takes India | The Daily Show

People always ask me, they go, “Trevor, how do you… how do you laugh when the news is sad? How do you find the jokes and everything?” I tell people it’s not that I find things funny– it’s that my mind uses that as a tool to protect me from… Continue Reading Terence Crutcher’s Police Shooting & Racial Bias in America: The Daily Show

Attention YouTube viewers, you won’t get the climax if you miss the beginning. Please watch till the very end. Don’t you regret what you did to her? I feel sorry for her. Why bring that now? – What do you mean by now? Why didn’t you question me then? –… Continue Reading Dio Saidhulu || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Today was the seventh day in the impeachment trial of President Donald Jefar Trump. And the big news is still the bombshell dropped by John Bolton, former national security advisor and broke-ass Monopoly man. You see, in his upcoming book, John Bolton claims that President Trump did, in fact, have… Continue Reading Fox News Turns on John Bolton | The Daily Show