One of my favorite games is Jet Set Radio, made by Sega in 2000. It was fresh and original both for its time, and even today. You play the role of rollerblading teenagers and 20-somethings who rollerblade and parkour their way through an oppressive near-future take on both Japan and… Continue Reading Hover: Revolt of Gamers vs. Jet Set Radio

I’d sit alone and watch your light My only friend through teenage nights And everything I had to know I heard it on my radio You gave them all those old time stars Through wars of worlds invaded by Mars You made ’em laugh, you made ’em cry You made… Continue Reading Queen – Radio Gaga with Restored Metropolis footage (1080p) with Side By Side Comparison

Hey I’m Alex with GME Supply. Let’s look at the difference between analog and digital radios. The first thing you’ll notice is clarity. The Digital Radios are much clearer than the analog radios. Digital radios actually have built in error correction. This gets rid of any kind of random chatter,… Continue Reading Digital vs Analog Two Way Radio Comparison – GME Supply

(scraping) (laughter) – Just keep going! $300 eBay coilovers. – Versus $2,500 fully adjustable coilovers. – Does more expensive mean more better? – Let’s find out. Let’s find out! – Yeah! (upbeat music and car sounds) – Try and match my energy, Nolan. Try and match my energy. – We… Continue Reading $300 eBay Coilovers vs. $2500 Coilovers – Is it worth it? | Hi Low

Russia vs The United States The annual defense budget of Russia is $47 billion which is 3.9% of their GDP. The annual defense budget of the United States is $664 billion, which is 2.4% of their GDP. Russia has a total population of 143 million people, with 47 million who… Continue Reading Russia vs The United States – Who Would Win – Military Comparison

hey everybody it’s Lon Seidman and we’ve got another home theater talker episode here where I’m going through some of the changes I’m making upstairs as I now begin to watch a few more movies with my new OLED television I’m gonna put a playlist down below so you can… Continue Reading Xbox One vs. Nvidia Shield TV : Home Theater, Streaming Media, & Gaming

Mexico and the USA enjoy good relations for the most part right now, but that wasn’t the case in the 19th century when the two countries were fighting over territory. The two nations presently enjoy good trading relations, with Mexico being the fourth largest trading partner of the U.S. behind… Continue Reading Would Mexico Be Able To Fight Off USA?

cars dot com auto review Hi I’m Joe Weisenfelder executive editor with cars dot com we’re here outside Washington DC with USA today and motor week for shootout test a mid-size family sedans r6 milos each price no higher than twenty six thousand dollars include the Toyota Camry the Ford… Continue Reading Today/MotorWeek $26,000 Midsize Sedan Shootout

The two countries we’re going to talk about today are seldom off the front pages of the international news media. As we write this, a news report tells us Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is saying Iran is waging a religious war in Syria and that the country has its… Continue Reading IRAN vs ISRAEL – Who Would Win – Military / Army Comparison

This episode is brought to you by Skillshare. Get 2 months of Skillshare free and learn new skills by using the link in the description. The word bomb comes from the Latin word “bombus”, meaning something that booms. It’s thought it was the Chinese that created the first ever bombs… Continue Reading Atomic Bomb vs Hydrogen Bomb – How Do They Compare?