(upbeat music) – Hey, I’m Jazzmyne, and I want you to be the next social media star. Could it be you? We’ll see in my new show, Feed Famous. It’s the ultimate competition show where real, unfiltered beauties battle it out in weekly photo challenges. There’s only one rule, you… Continue Reading Are You The Next Social Media Star? • Feed Famous

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Me again, it’s Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this particular video I am going to continue my 3D work on my gorgeous Alice in Wonderland creation. I left this space here, I don’t know if you remember me saying it was for a teapot. So I have got Lightning… Continue Reading Alice In Wonderland – Part 13 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art – 3D Teapot

– Yeah! – Yeah! – Yeah! – Yeah! – Oh my God, I’m screwed. (laughing) – [Man] Oh beep. – [James] You got something under your car. – If we bring the cone with us, it doesn’t count right? – I have a question. How do you win, when everyone… Continue Reading Driving using CRUISE CONTROL ONLY – Gus Johnson vs. Donut

So now this is all glazed and it’s all shiny and it’s all top coated. We’re ready to do the 3D work and any embellishment work that we’re going to do. I am going to start in the centre. Creating the 3D. So I am going to start by doing… Continue Reading Mad Hatters Hat – Alice In Wonderland – Part 10 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art

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There are a lot of third party YouTube tools out there that you can use to help you grow your channel and your audience, and one of the ones I use the most frequently is socialblade.com. And today we’re going to give you a few ideas of how you can… Continue Reading 5 FREE Ways to Improve your Channel with Socialblade

Professor Ben Polak: So today we’re going to study asymmetric information. It’s our last week, and we’re going to focus on signaling today. I’ll spell it with one “L” here as a concession to the Americans. So we’re going to divide this class into two parts. And for the first… Continue Reading 23. Asymmetric information: silence, signaling and suffering education

In this video I’m going to show you how to do Alice from Alice in wonderland. So I’ve got white, pale yellow and a darker yellow and a little bit of black here, because what we’re going to do is start to do alice’s hair. I’m going to use a… Continue Reading Alice In Wonderland – Part 4 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art – Creating Alice