Hi, I’m Henrik. And I’m Pasi. And we are from… Sonata Arctica. And you’re listening to Radio Metal. They seem to know the songs, because they’re singing along, so I think it’s going well! We have meet and greets every day, so we meet some of the fans and hang… Continue Reading Interview Sonata Arctica, on the tour bus – Talviyo – Interview by Radio Metal – Sous-titres dispo.

[MUSIC] Social media is here to stay and it is a great way to keep track of friends, to communicate, and learn some cool things! But you have to be careful too, especially when it comes to posting information about yourself. Sometimes the funnest and coolest of things on the… Continue Reading Navigating Social Media Safely

Welcome to eftermontering.se! Today we’re going to show you a bluetooth/music solution for Audi A4 (B8), A5 (8T) and Q5 (8R) equipped with radio Concert (gen 3) part number is A4212 and can be found in our webshop this kit fits cars with factory fitted radio Concert / Symphony system… Continue Reading Bluetooth musik streaming Audi A4 / A5 / Q5 radio Concert / Symphony 3

R: Hey guys it’s Reida! K: And Kassidy~ R: So I finally got my cookies from the Halloween live this is not from the Rad Market order so I do have another box coming along with my other goods R: So… K: Continuously, she always has GazettE packages coming R:… Continue Reading the GazettE’s SPOOKY BOX Halloween Cookies!

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel and I’m finally gonna go over the RAD MARKET merch so for the 15th anniversary I actually really, really, really, really, like the goods so I wasn’t really fond of the phone cases this time or the sneakers but everything else I absolutely… Continue Reading UNBOXING | the GazettE’s 15th Anniversary Rad Market Goods

Hi everyone it’s Reida, welcome back to my channel! so, I’m so tired, but before work I wanted to do the unboxing of the Yoyogi DVD and this is how big the box is so I ordered it from CDJapan it arrived yesterday but I had to go pick it… Continue Reading Unboxing the GazettE DOGMATIC FINAL -SHIKKOKU- DVD

Rolling Stone called our next guest “an artist you need to know.” Here to perform “Juice” for the first time on television, please welcome Lizzo. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC – LIZZO – “JUICE”] Mirror, mirror, on the wall, don’t say it. ‘Cause I know I’m cute. Ooh, baby. Ooh, looking good. Louis… Continue Reading Lizzo Gets the Audience on Their Feet with ‘Juice’