joining me now is neither daschle his exam director of the democratic governors association when nathan it appears that uh… foxnews is your opposition what do you know about that jgv you hit the nail on the enemy innate in what is arguably the most important election generations this is… Continue Reading Ed Show: Should MSM Call Out Fox News?

send us your voicemail 2192 David P is our voicemail number let’s go to voicemail see what people have to say yeah i doing David are yesterday you were talking about to a corporate billionaire media refusing to give us a fax the reason they don’t use facts have a… Continue Reading Is Media Bias Political or Corporate?

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– You know something that you’ll never hear on one of these cable talking-head shows? One of the guests going, ‘Hmm, I don’t know.’ You don’t get on those shows by saying that! – Take one, mark. – My name is Charlie Sykes. My new book is called “How the… Continue Reading Conservative Radio Host Charlie Sykes Urges People to Break Out of Bubbles [Interview] and PolitiFact are two of the nation’s most prominent fact-checking organizations. They claim to be non-partisan. They claim to be honest brokers aiming to separate political rhetoric from the facts. PolitiFact even won a Pulitzer Prize. Unfortunately, in reality fact-checking sites generate much of the fake news they complain… Continue Reading Where is the Fact Checking? How PolitiFact and Others Have Failed Us | Matthew Vadum

Student: My question to you is do you believe any news sources, mainstream or alternative, are bias-free? D’Souza: No, but let’s look to see what we’re trying to achieve. I would agree that, in a certain abstract sense, to be absolutely free of bias is impossible. Why? Because we’re human… Continue Reading D’Souza reveals the solution to media bias & #FakeNews

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