– This week on BuzzFeed Unsolved we’re covering the Illuminati. Is is a real thing? What the hell is it? – It’s not a thing. – Alright, approach it with an open mind, let’s get started. – Great. – [Ryan] Shockingly, the Illuminati actually has a very real historical foundation.… Continue Reading The Secret Society of the Illuminati

Here on cartoon conspiracy, we talk a lot about Disney. Or, at least I do. Oops. But there’s good reason to talk about it! Cartoons just wouldn’t be what they are today if it weren’t for Disney’s contributions to the art of animation. They made animation in film… magical, you… Continue Reading The Truth Behind Disney Park Urban Legends! – Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep 211) | Channel Frederator

I was wondering if I could talk to you about my sister? I took this job for her. We just needed a fresh start. Didn’t even matter where. Your worst fear is that you’re going to become me, isn’t it? And there’s nothing you could do about it. Where have… Continue Reading Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block Season 3 Trailer (HD)

There was no time to mourn. If we were lucky, we might just get out alive. But what waited on the other side would be possibly my toughest challenge yet. Hello, and welcome to Al Dente Creepypasta, horror stories cooked to perfection with a splash of red sauce. My name… Continue Reading 4 Island Tourist Horror Stories (feat. Mortis Media, Eden & More) | Al Dente Creepypasta 09

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Welcome to Candle Cove! Where a mysterious children TV show appears and only the Children can see it. On Oct 11 SyFy released the first of 6 episodes of Channel Zero: Candle Cove which is Hollywood adaption into Creepypasta very own Candle Cove which was written by Kris Straubs. Creator… Continue Reading Channel Zero Candle Cove Explained

Hey everybody how’s it going Extreme Trends here Top 5 Creepiest YouTube Channels

have you ever been confused about whether something you remember was a dream or not a memory so strange it couldn’t be real your mom gave us a house I really love you Joe can you come down here for a second picture the farm wall there’s their door it’s… Continue Reading Channel Zero: The Dream Door Season 4 Trailer (HD)