– No, no, do you think I should do that Jon? Hey Jon, seriously Jon. Jon, do you think I should just sign? – Alright, you’re about to see Don Trump ask this reporter named Jon Karl the exact same question eight times in 26 seconds. You basically have to… Continue Reading Laughter When Trump Slams Reporter With THE SAME QUESTION 8 TIMES over Shutdown!

In the early 1980s, roughly fifty different companies owned 90% of American media. By 1992, that number had dropped to less than two dozen, and in recent years, that same 90% has fallen to just Six major conglomerates. Although various mergers and layers of external control make this an inexact… Continue Reading Who Owns The Media?

The November 2015 terror attacks in Paris threw the social media community into a frenzy. A fire hose of information, opinions, and news streamed through Twitter, Facebook, and other networks. Some of it real, some of it false, and a lot of miscommunication. In fact, social media has made disaster… Continue Reading How We Use Social Media During Disasters

♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ Why is our email, why are our texts, why are our Snaps, why is everything filled with such garbage? There’s just so much out there right now, I don’t even think most people realize how much their brain has to handle.Four hundred hours of video uploaded… Continue Reading The Social Media Garbage Landscape: Fake News & Data Privacy | AXIOS on HBO