Funny Dog Bailey vs Newspaper

So I’m at a set of newspaper.. old newspaper stand thing. This has been here, these newspaper machines like I could definitely tell you for decades. So I just walked up and figured we’d give this a shot and we’ve got some other videos of few other sites like this… Continue Reading Metal Detecting Newspaper Machines

You’re welcome! Well, drink a bit more. Open your mouth! Well done! Do you wanna eat some oatmeal? Nuts or oatmeal? or nothing more? nothing more? Nothing more? No, he wants nothing more … Then lay down to sleep. We will make this more comfortable for you. Well, this is… Continue Reading WOMBAT-BABY Apari nun HANDAUFZUCHT im ZOO DUISBURG |

Hello, today we visit the dolphins. Roland Edler (dolphin caretaker at Duisburg Zoo): Now I’m sitting here between all of our toys, but these toys aren’t for us, but for those. Dolphins have diffrent kinds of needs and everybody knows you have to take care, that a child or an… Continue Reading Delfinarium Duisburg: Spielzeug für DELFINE ? im ZOO DUISBURG |