First things first. A lot of people are asking, “How do you pronounce this guy’s name?” (laughter) It’s pronounced “Pete.” Okay? It’s like “peaches,” but you just stop, all right? Pete. That’s it. Oh, and as for his last name, we’re still figuring that one out. Pete Buddha-gah… Buddha-geh… Buddha-ged…… Continue Reading Who Is Pete Buttigieg and Why Is He Killing It in the Polls? | The Daily Show

Last night, the president delivered his second State of the Union address, telling the nation where it stands and where he plans to take it. And if you watched all seven hours of the speech, you’ll know there wasn’t anything memorable. In fact, the only thing from this speech that… Continue Reading SOTU 2019 May Be Over, But the 2020 Dems Are Just Getting Started | The Daily Show

If you’ve ever thought, “I like Donald Trump and his policies and his hair, but I really just wish he could read,” well, then, Great Britain has the leader for you. WOMAN: Breaking news out of London this morning. There’s a new prime minister for Britain. Boris Johnson will take… Continue Reading So Much News, So Little Time: U.K.’s New PM, Big Apple Floods & NY’s New Claw Law | The Daily Show

What is the deal with 5G? And why are the U.S. and China going to war over it? Well, we’ll try and break it down for you in our ongoing segment, “If You Don’t Know, Now You know.” -♪ ♪ -(cheering, applause) So, what exactly is the big deal about… Continue Reading If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: 5G | The Daily Show

Last night, President Trump was at a campaign rally in South Carolina, being civil as always. Now, you know, we have a lot of fake news back there, these fakers. You know, the enemy. The enemy of the people, I call them. The Democrats want open borders. They want anybody… Continue Reading In Trump’s Universe, Everyone Loves “Space Force” | The Daily Show

When you think of recycling, you probably think of a magical process where you throw your plastic in the blue bin, and a unicorn takes it away, and then nine months later you get a beautiful new baby water bottle. -(laughter) -But the truth is, much like making an actual… Continue Reading If You Don’t Know, Now You Know – Asian Nations Reject Western Trash | The Daily Show