In the great 1974 film Godfather II. There’s a scene about halfway through where Hyman Roth and Michael Corleone and all the American gangsters are gathered in a patio in Havana and it’s Hyman Roth’s 67th birthday, and he’s giving a slice of cake to each gangster got – Louis… Continue Reading Outfoxed • Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism • FULL DOCUMENTARY FILM exposes Fox News

this episode of the young texans brought to you by jack that now let’s go to a fox news reaction uh… on and a protesters how you would think that they would be ecstatic because your memory magento bush in you know you new but do they claim they want… Continue Reading Fox News Bias On Egypt Protests (Glenn Beck Is Crazy)

[MUSIC PLAYING] How many people in the room voted in the last Federal Election? [LAUGHING] All right. So that’s a good number. I’d say about a third of you . So it depends– there’s a selection bias in the room, to an extent. The time people who would come out… Continue Reading How digital media and big data are redefining democracy: Clifton Van Der Linden at TEDxUofT

I feel incredibly lucky to be from a country that’s generally considered to be the best place in the world to be a woman. In 1975, when I was seven years old, women in Iceland went on a strike. They did no work that day, whether they held professional jobs… Continue Reading It’s time for women to run for office | Halla Tómasdóttir

JUDY WOODRUFF:  Another frequent target of the president’s attacks is the news media. Today, more than 300 newspaper editorial boards took the extraordinary step of publishing a coordinated message: a free press is central to our democracy and journalists are not the enemy of the state. It was sparked by… Continue Reading Newspapers speak up about Trump’s repeated attacks

Good morning ladies and gentleman. Just a couple of notes before we start the session. If I could ask you all to please silence your mobile phones. There will be a Q and A session for the end of this. When that’s going on, if you want to ask a… Continue Reading Media Matters: The Future of News #SkollWF 2017

Hello my name is Adam Ziver-Murray and I have created come up with this project democracy 101 it’s designed as a response to my thesis which is about Bernie Sanders’ campaign where he used social media to overcome a lot of obstacles that are around but in the end obviously… Continue Reading The fake news fighting app – LCC UAL Summer Shows

Announcer: This program is funded by Humanities Nebraska and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment. JOE STARITA: The salvation of the state is watchfulness in the citizen. The thumping sound of a newspaper hitting your doorstep, the avalanche of lurid headlines hijacking you at the checkout counter, the flood of 24-hour cable… Continue Reading NET Productions| An Issue of Trust: News Not Fiction

I’m a member of the UK Pirate Party I’m the Pirate Party Candidate The Pirate Party UK Time now to look at one of the smaller parties and today it’s the turn of the Pirate Party The Pirate Party in the UK The UK Pirate Party The British Pirate Party… Continue Reading #BeThePirate / Channel Intro