There is this stereotype or unfortunate experience of the history that religion causes only problems. I think it’s not the matter or the problem of religious phenomena themselves but it’s a matter of misusing the power. It’s important to share with each other the the meaning we have in life,… Continue Reading Religion and Media: a media training for peace | DW Akademie

Hello, today we visit Krefeld Zoo. Eva Ravagni (caretaker): Hujan is now six months old. He has developed magnificently. Roundabout two months ago, when the last two videos were shot, he weighed 3.6 kilograms and now he weighs 5.6 kilograms. So he gained about two kilograms. As you can see,… Continue Reading BABY Orang-Utan HUJAN klettert im ZOO KREFELD |

Mike Kirschner (director of this departement): We are here in the fossa installation at Duisburg Zoo. All in all we’ve got 10 exhibitions for our fossas: three can be seen by the public and seven are behind the scenes, which are called breeding exhibitions. In them the mothers can raise… Continue Reading Süße Fossa-Babys im Zoo Duisburg |

(triumphant music) (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Welcome back to the Baby Games. We’ve got it all for ya. The struggles. Oh, the intensity. The triumphs. First up, gymnastics. The American. Working it. Just look at that concentration. 10 meter toddle. One of the marquee events at any Baby Game. (start… Continue Reading If Cute Babies Competed in the Olympic Games | Olympic Channel