0:01 broadcasting worldwide from the beautiful 0:03 hill country in Texas this is one 0:07 radio network dot com. this is Patrick Timpone 0:10 Ahh another day in Paradise 0:14 as we broadcast live here 0:17 from Central Texas 0:20 in the Hill Country an hour west of Austin Texas… Continue Reading Phenomenal Health Benefits Of Inclined Bed Therapy One Radio Network Interviewing Andrew K Fletcher

Type 1 diabetes is something that is not easy. It’s extremely complex. It’s a disease that you literally cannot take a day off — forget about a day off let’s go a minute off. Everything we do has repercussions. You’ve got to be on top of it. Ultimately the goal… Continue Reading Max Domi helps young Canadians living with Type 1 diabetes

>>Dr. Alicia Fry: Hello, I’m Dr. Alicia Fry with the CDC influenza division. This video is intended for pregnant women and children as well as their healthcare providers. Today I’ll provide answers to several common questions about flu vaccines. I would like to begin with the question; should I get… Continue Reading Flu Vaccine Information for Pregnant Women and Children

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Joan Lunden. Now more than ever, people are seeking information about diabetes. It is the most searched chronic illness on the internet. But how can you be sure what’s posted is accurate and scientifically valid? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can be a… Continue Reading Diabetes Information You Can Trust

I’m Kristen Stakelin. I am the medical director of the Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center. I’m Dr. John Fowlkes, and I’m the director of the Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center. Well, I think some national recognition is always a nice thing to have because simply, it suggests that somebody else outside yourself… Continue Reading Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center recognized by U.S. News and World Report

Music St. Louis Children’s Hospital is the only Children’s Hospital in St. Louis Nationally ranked in every specialty, every injury, every X-ray. St. Louis Children’s Hospital is a great place to be every patient, every procedure, every nurse, every family. Every time they’re there they do something to help us… Continue Reading U.S. News ranks St. Louis Children’s Hospital among the nation’s best

they were very pleased to have you on alternative views tonight and I think we’re going to have an opportunity to tell our audience all the things that they wanted to know but we’re afraid to ask about smoking cigarettes the tobacco industry because you’ve been researching these topics for… Continue Reading The Dangers of Cigarette Smoking

This year 350,000 Americans will die from cancer. One out of four of us will develop cancer in our lifetime. That’s over 50 million people in the United States alone. The purpose of this presentation is to show that this great human tragedy can be stopped now entirely on the… Continue Reading World Without Cancer – The Story of Vitamin B17 by G. Edward Griffin (1974)