Kids, turn up your brightnessas we journey into the darkness.“Wild Amphibia.”Hosted by me, Soggy Joe.Here we have a bunch of frogs making a frog pyramid.Uh-oh. Here comes a giant praying mantis.– It’s going to eat our guts! – Whoa!These guys are a beautiful species, but deadly.( grunts )Why, it would… Continue Reading Praying Mantis | Wild Amphibia | Amphibia | Disney Channel

♪ We got it, thinking was it luck? ♪♪ They told us we’re not good enough ♪♪ Hey, I finally believe in something ♪♪ And I was just trying to fit in ♪♪ We’ll show them our fire within ♪♪ Our fire ♪♪ Running all night ♪♪ We just wanna… Continue Reading Our Fire Music Video 🎶| SHOOK | Disney Channel

( music playing )♪ Get it, girl ♪Mia Brooks? You’re great. Now walk in it. Glad you made it. The other agents are excited to meet you. ( no audible dialogue ) So, I know you and I have met before, but why don’t you tell all of us a… Continue Reading Dream 🌟| SHOOK | Episode 9 | Disney Channel

( music playing )With Milo, your best friend. There’s puppies everywhere. Hi. Right now I’m just answering some questions and playing with some puppies. I don’t have any siblings, but there are definitely people in my life who I consider my siblings, such as Meg, you know? My best friend… Continue Reading Milo Manheim Puppy Q&A Challenge! 🐶 | ZOMBIES 2 | Disney Channel

Kids, turn up your brightnessas we journey into the darkness.“Wild Amphibia.”Hosted by me, Soggy Joe.All right, so this here–what is this thing?I’ve never seen anythinglike this before in me life.Oh, she’s so cute!Aww, I want to hold her.I just want to snuggle up–Oi! Whoa!I’ve never seen one of them before!“Wild… Continue Reading Kitty 😻| Wild Amphibia | Amphibia | Disney Channel

Here’s your new room. Ow! Okay, I can work with this. Sparkle glitter bomb expand! Woah. Ah that’s better. I wish I had a room like this. You do? Mystic Room sunk-transport! (screaming) Sunk? Sunk? Why was the word sunk in that spell? I don’t know. It just came out… Continue Reading Star’s Best Moments⭐️| Star vs. the Forces of Evil | Disney Channel

( music playing )♪ Get it, girl ♪Mom, I got an audition at an agency. Can you drive me? Mom, have I ever told you how much I love you? Mom: Mia! I want the truth. Did I have to pick up Sky at Fredgy’s because you were staying late… Continue Reading Runaway 🏃‍♀️| SHOOK | Episode 8 | Saturdays on YouTube | Disney Channel

( music playing )Come here! Come here! It’s the gray alpha! Wait, it’s actually Addison. Blue eyes, white hair. Um, I can cross my eyes like this. Um, two feet and three inches. I’m just kidding. I’m five– five foot three. I like Mega-Don. Merg. Mega-Millions. Megly. I literally laugh… Continue Reading Meg Donnelly Plays with Wolf Puppies! | ZOMBIES 2 | Disney Channel