Nazi Germany propaganda the radio 1923 through 1945 The Nazi Party used radios to spread its message to new followers Especially pushing the argument that Germany had been wronged by the Treaty of Versailles alongside posters school programs and other more obvious forms of indoctrination the radio allowed for subliminal… Continue Reading Nazi Germany Propaganda: The Radio (1923-45)

sad old geezer How do you use us? Too late this asshole cannot be saved 「傲慢」「羨望」「憤怒」「怠惰」「貪欲」… 人格狂わす大罪 Stacked away Skanky waster You should know your shame Such a shithead All saints shall die Shitty loser You should know you’ re lame Such a dickhead All saints shall die Because there… Continue Reading 【the GazettE】 – 「RAGE」 VOCAL + GUITAR COVER † BabySaster & ZERO

I what such people I am your red friend and nothing I want to send a strong hug the two until the next by nothing nobody is already you know this many thanks to the people who leave me their comments and leave me these excellent suggestions on this occasion… Continue Reading Mexican React The GazettE – DOGMA Reaction&Review ByRockOh!

Sleep count me down again I’ll close my eyes and face you A prayer crushed under wreckage reflects in your eyes as you start to fly I see you in the sky thick with shadows spinning around with nightmares Don’t forget that a heart cannot die Don’t forget that dreams… Continue Reading The GazettE – OMINOUS (LIVE) LYRICS

Hi i am Moz. Today i wanna share with you about GazettE guitarist Uruha’s solo sound. As some of you have asked me about how to dial a guitar tone just like him, here’s a quick tutorial on it. So I really digged into his live solo sound, especially the… Continue Reading the GazettE – URUHA’s “Screaming Lead” guitar solo tone tutorial by Moz

Hi everyone it’s Reida, welcome back to my channel! so, I’m so tired, but before work I wanted to do the unboxing of the Yoyogi DVD and this is how big the box is so I ordered it from CDJapan it arrived yesterday but I had to go pick it… Continue Reading Unboxing the GazettE DOGMATIC FINAL -SHIKKOKU- DVD