(tires screeching) – Beautiful. – Its the sedan that put Acura on the map and showed everybody that you don’t need to spend a ton to get a ton. From turbos to all wheel drive to crazy hybrid systems. This Acura has done it all. There isn’t a person in… Continue Reading ACURA LEGEND – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(engine whirs) – Whoop, come on. – He’s the man with the plan from the land of Britain, a race car driver with a never quit attitude. He took on Ferrari in one of the most famous races of all time, a war hero that survived the beaches of Normandy… Continue Reading KEN MILES – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(engines roaring) – Prepare yourselves for something you will never be able to unsee. (bright electronic tones) It just might be the ugliest thing ever to roll into Donut’s intergalactic headquarters, but would you believe that it’s actually fast? This tired old bag of hammers is one of the oldest… Continue Reading This Disgusting Miata is Faster than Your Car

(upbeat music) – Every time I see a Hot Wheels car, I get excited. Even to this day, I can’t leave the grocery store without checking out the stack of Hot Wheels at the end of the isle. I think if you look around the Donut office, it’s clear, it’s… Continue Reading How HOT WHEELS Beat Out MATCHBOX

– I’m Chris Forsberg, Formula Drift champion and this is Drift Car Dynamics. (upbeat music) This is the day we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve been putting in an incredible amount of hours into this car, but now we are at the track and we’re getting ready to rip. We’ve… Continue Reading Setup & Track Day | Drift Car Dynamics EP3 | Donut Media

You know you look at terrible seventies Carney like that would never run right my grandmother had one and it broke down all the time and here I am racing it. A lot of other gear heads will see a Ferrari ensuite somewhere and be like all over it. And… Continue Reading 24 Hours of Lemons: The World’s Craziest Race | Donut Media

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(car engine revving) – $8100 Twin Turbo Kit. – $3500 Single Turbo Kit. – Does more expensive mean more better? – Let’s find out. – I hope our cars don’t blow up. – Yo, it was just on fire. Oh my god. (upbeat music) (car engines roaring) (mimics car engine)… Continue Reading $3,500 Single Turbo Kit vs. $8,100 Twin Turbo Kit | HiLow

– A while back, our creative director, the brilliant and handsome Jesse Wood was filming a rally that ran down the east coast of the U.S. Jesse said that when it came time to drive south from New York to Miami, everyone opted to drive around Virginia. He said very… Continue Reading This is the Most Unfair State For Car Owners

Chris Forsberg, coming into this round. His rise to the top, where he stands now, where he stands at the end of the night we’ll find out. Obviously, an awesome season. We’re sitting in first place coming into the final round. Chris “The Force” Forsberg, grabs 3rd place! 3rd place.… Continue Reading Chris Forsberg: Three Days with a Champion | Donut Media