I think there is a corpse in this sack. Is this a man or a woman’s corpse? I think it is a woman’s corpse. Come on. Move aside. What is going on here? Does anyone of you recognize this corpse? You need to solve this test paper at home. Answer… Continue Reading India Alert | Episode 314 | Khooni Mulakat ( खूनी मुलाक़ात ) | Dangal TV Channel

Leave me! Let me go! -Daughter-in-law! -Father! Father! Is anybody here? Please help my father! Father! My father! My father is drowning. Kishor! Father! Father! Kishor! Father! Father? -What happened? -Father drowned in the river. He drowned. Father! Father? Father? Father? Father! -Did you find him? -No. What’s going on… Continue Reading India Alert || New Episode 288 || Bebus Pita ( बेबस पिता ) || Dangal TV Channel

-Varun. -Yes, mom. What are you always looking at through the binoculars? -Come on. Let me see too. -Mother, I… -Show me. -I was looking at the stars. Looking at the stars? During the day? Yes, I can see them through these too. Is it? I want to see too.… Continue Reading India Alert | Episode 313 | Sweet Aunty ( स्वीट आंटी ) | Dangal TV Channel

The Mission is heavier than a mountain. Death is easier than a feather. All right. I took a decision. I prefer to die…father. * * * HiLeon English Channel * * * * English Translated Episodes *

I also own a personal broadcasting channel. – You do? / – Yes. I found that doing that was quite therapeutic. – Is it? / – Yes. I like being on TV shows and work as a musician, but it also gives me stress. Doing things and talking alone in… Continue Reading How much does Solar earn with her youtube channel? [Happy Together/2019.11.28]

A person’s respect is in his own hands. If you believe in God, then do not do anything wrong. And neither should you bear anything wrong. Stand up against wrong. God will definitely help you. Had I not come to save you, then you would have been dead. And what… Continue Reading India Alert | Episode 311 | Masoom Gudiya ( मासूम गुड़िया ) | Dangal TV Channel

What is this? There was no water supply yesterday and today as well. Until when will this go on? There is some issue with the motor. Mom! Mom! Mom! What happened? Why are you shouting so much? Karan, call Mobin. Ask where he is. He never answers my call. It’s… Continue Reading India Alert || New Episode 287 || Shatir Bhai ( शातिर भाई ) || Dangal TV Channel

Cinema’s really a time capsule, right? It can take you, transport you to another time and another place. Much of my early film education came from watching Hong Kong action movies from the 1980’s on SBS. when I was 15 years old, you know. This kind of blew my mind.… Continue Reading Meet the Creative: Dr Nicholas Godfrey – Screen & Media

-All right, little girls. I gotta be at my next group in an hour, so we gotta hurry this up. Come on, do as she says, guys. Rachel is a social media wizard. Come on, let’s go. Let’s not waste my time. Let’s get cozy. Show me what ya got.… Continue Reading The Girls Take Photos For Social Media | Season 1 Ep. 11 | STAR