Lolade Nwanze and her team in The Guardian newsroom check the top social media topics every morning. On Twitter, an advisor to the Nigerian president alleges that an opposition party is offering food and money in exchange for votes. The news speads quickly – so the Guardian team decides to… Continue Reading Nigeria fights fake news ahead of 2019 election | DW News

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On the political stage, he can be magnetic. Much like he is when performing his music for fans. But Bobi Wine says his entertainment career is being curtailed. “I just wonder why the police continue to persecute me. More than fifteen of my concerts have been cancelled. The promoters of… Continue Reading Bobi Wine says Ugandan government is keeping him from performing | DW News

a standoff over humanitarian aid deepens as Venezuela’s political crisis plays out on the country’s border a convoy with desperately needed aid remains stuck at the Colombian border city of kakuta now Venezuela’s government’s led by Nicolas Maduro has ordered the army not to allow this aid in the aid… Continue Reading Venezuela blocks US aid transports | DW News

Iran is feeling the pinch. The re-introduction of U-S sanctions has had a crippling effect on the economy. The value of the Rial has plummeted – pushing inflation to over 30 percent. And US President Donald Trump’s attempt to destroy the country’s oil industry is having an effect too. The… Continue Reading US announces new sanctions against Iran | DW News