17:17:55:03>>>Coming up next on “Arizona 17:30:11:27 Horizon,” the parent company of 17:30:14:12 two major local media outlets is 17:30:16:21 splitting up its broadcast and 17:30:18:21 newspaper holdings. 17:30:20:09>>>An upcoming event looks to 17:30:21:21 focus on the life cycle of 17:30:23:24 innovation. 17:30:24:06>>And we’ll see how old 17:30:25:09 technology is being… Continue Reading Television and Newspaper Breakups & 2014 Innovation Arizona Summit & Hazel and Violet Ink

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We’re supposed to think that the Conservative party are good with the economy. Sure, they might be cartoonishly evil “It is to end the free movement of people, once and for all” – but ultimately rich people are good with money, That’s why they’re rich! There’s just one problem with… Continue Reading Are The Tories Actually Strong On The Economy? 🤔

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>>[introductory music]>>[pause] MC Hammer: Would you mind just for a second if everybody would just stand up and kind of shake it out a little bit? It’s been about thirty minutes. You might say hello to the person next to you, shake their hand, you know? [laughter]>>Hey, microwave before. Hammer,… Continue Reading MC Hammer: Role of Social Media in Marketing