Student: It seems as though you’re trying to point fingers at the Democratic Party. As an individual that has grown up in an alt-right area, I am no stranger to listening to other opinions, so I appreciate you coming out and saying your opinion, I just think that you’re pointing… Continue Reading FACT: We can’t have civil debate with leftist, biased media

Hello! Hello! Hello, my name’s Natalie. And my name is Natalie! My name’s Natalie and I’m from London. But you live in Barcelona Okay, my name’s Natalie I’m from London but I live in Barcelona, in Spain. And how old are you? Sorry? How old are you? Is that important?… Continue Reading MY NAME IS NATALIE. Beginners and elementary listening. Personal information.

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During spring 2018, tens of thousands of teachers walked out of their schools. These walkouts attracted extensive media attention, prompting RJ Martin and I to examine coverage in five major newspapers. What did we find? A mix of good and bad. The good: National papers published a total of 59… Continue Reading Media coverage of the 2018 teacher walkouts | IN 60 SECONDS