Quantum interference enables constant-time quantum information processing We live in the age of information and thus efficient data processing is crucial. It is especially important in science, medicine, engineering and information technology that demand fast processing of images, sound, radio signal and records coming from various probes and cameras. Since… Continue Reading Quantum interference enables constant-time quantum information processing

I started at DTU back in 2010 at Design and Innovation because I had a huge interest in how people interact with products. I was really into user centred design. I fell in love with the software part of it, so in the long run I ended up working with… Continue Reading Digital Media Engineering (MSc), DTU

>>At the moment I’m working for NGIS Australia. I’m working as a GIS Analyst Programmer. I build a lot of cool web maps so that clients can see their data in context. At Curtin University I studied the Bachelor of Science, Geographic Information Science. I must say I loved absolutely… Continue Reading What’s it like to be a Geographic Information Scientist?

The course is a three or four year course, with placement option in UK or overseas. It’s leading in student satisfaction with a hundred percent of the students satisfied with the overall course It’s also accredited by the BCS It’s aimed at applicants seeking to develop skills in computing and… Continue Reading Business Information Technology – Undergraduate

Hello. My name is Jerry Elliott. I’m a Managing Partner of a firm, a Civil Engineering firm in Eugene, Oregon. Webber Elliott Engineers. I’ve been asked to tell you some of the pros and cons of being a civil engineer. I’ll start with the positive side, pros. First of all… Continue Reading Civil Engineer Career Information : Civil Engineer Pros & Cons

How the digital channels work on your MSO is what we’re talking about today in this week’s 2-Minute Guru video. Thanks for tuning in, let’s take a look. I’ve gotten a lot of comments asking for an episode on protocol decoding, so this week we’re going to talk about the… Continue Reading How MSO Digital Channels Work – Oscilloscope How To – The 2-Minute Guru (s1e15)

hello all,this is priyanka i am the HR of freshersworld.com welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers. today i ll be speaking about your career options in IT engineer Humans have been storing, retrieving, manipulating and communicating information since the Sumerians in Mesopotamia developed writing in about 3000… Continue Reading CAREERS IN IT-Information Technology,GATE,Software Jobs,MBA,MTech,campus placements,salary package

I actually first started thinking about information as a possible glimmer of an idea for a subject for a book when I was working on Chaos, that’s when I first heard about it. And it was strange. It was strange to hear about information theory as a scientific subject of… Continue Reading Information Wants to Have Meaning. Or Does It?