(The book Kim Heechul planned on writing) (Anyone who wants to become a girl group, read it!) (“Girl Group Report” by Kim Heechul) This is not what I originally wanted to write. (The book he originally planned on writing) (15 days before the first shoot) The history of JYP. (Aren’t… Continue Reading Reporter Kim Heechul successfully gets in touch with PRISTIN! [We Like Zines! / 2017.06.27]

during these david shuster host to take action news on we act radio on take action news dot com and also on you tube that you too dot com slash take action news t_v_ david idoney should probably build up to this but i just want to get right into… Continue Reading Former Fox News Reporter Comes Clean

South Korean boyband NCT one two seven were one of the hottest acts at two concerts held by radio stations in the u.s. last week according to SM Entertainment on Sunday and CT one to seven recently wowed the audience that pop topia which was hosted by the Bay Area… Continue Reading NCT 127 wow audiences at concerts hosted by radio stations in U.S.

(rhythmic music) – Have any of you had a dream project where you’ve taken to a director or another actor and said like, you must do this? “Honey Boy” is your project, you wrote it. – Yeah. – But if you haven’t seen it, it’s terrific. – It’s unbelievable. –… Continue Reading Why Shia LaBeouf Told His Father Mel Gibson Was Set to Portray Him in ‘Honey Boy’ | Close Up

I also own a personal broadcasting channel. – You do? / – Yes. I found that doing that was quite therapeutic. – Is it? / – Yes. I like being on TV shows and work as a musician, but it also gives me stress. Doing things and talking alone in… Continue Reading How much does Solar earn with her youtube channel? [Happy Together/2019.11.28]

 Coronation Street fans were bowled over when they thought they saw Michelle Keegan’s ghost accosting young Summer in Roy’s Rolls  The actress, Saira Choudry, has appeared in the soap once before as the journalist Naila, who arrives to give some good new to Summer and her foster dad, Billy, about… Continue Reading Corrie’s Weatherfield Gazette journo arrives and here is how you know her – Daily News

What’s up, guys? Hey Bardia, how’s it going? Good. How are you guys? Do you wanna come in? Yeah, for sure. Thank you very much. Welcome to my house. This is the family room. And how long have you lived in this house then? Ah, two years. So I lived… Continue Reading 43 Questions with Bardia Jalayer