North Korean state media outlets continued to clean the regime is unaffected by the virus but some watchers believe otherwise that it’s highly possible the reclusive state is already facing the epidemic and the situation poses a challenge to Kim jong-un’s drive towards self-sufficient economic growth we’ll join you shares… Continue Reading Highly likely there are COVID-19 cases in N. Korea: Expert

North Korea has not announced a single Kovan ITIN case despite sharing a border with China its state-run media even reported that the regime is ready to tackle any outbreak for details let’s turn to our whom you ever since North Korea made its first official announcement last Sunday that… Continue Reading N. Korea boasts about “successful” prevention of COVID-19 but FAO doubts this claim

There are around 30,000 Brits in China in Wuhan where the Chinese had put in a very strong quarantine of the whole city with put in flights and there’s one more flight to come to bring Brits home but outside of Wuhan the commercial flights are still available and that’s… Continue Reading Coronavirus: Matt Hancock ‘expects more cases’ in the UK

We have a question from a concerned reader, Thomas, who asked if an infected person coughs or sneezed onto a handrail or an item, how long will the virus survive on this surface. At 6°C the infectious particles can stay on the surface for a 100 hours. Whereas at 30°C,… Continue Reading Live Q&A with infectious diseases expert | THE BIG STORY | The Straits Times

The Food and Drug Administration has declared teen vaping an “epidemic.” Today, more than 3.6 million middle and high school students say they regularly vape using electronic cigarettes. These devices can be as small as a USB drive and cost less than $20. Even the vaping industry itself appears to… Continue Reading Why Juul CEO is apologizing for teen vaping ‘epidemic’ | Just The FAQs