Black holes are one of the strangest things in existence. They don’t seem to make any sense at all. Where do they come from… …and what happens if you fall into one? Stars are incredibly massive collections of mostly hydrogen atoms that collapsed from enormous gas cloud under their own… Continue Reading Black Holes Explained – From Birth to Death

Watchmen is one of the most popular and influential comic books ever, written in the 80s by English wizard Alan Moore. Watchmen is a superhero story that questions the idea of a hero – which is symbolised by this bloody smiley face. The smiley is the ultimate simplistic cartoon, representing… Continue Reading Watchmen Explained (original comic)

Welcome to Candle Cove! Where a mysterious children TV show appears and only the Children can see it. On Oct 11 SyFy released the first of 6 episodes of Channel Zero: Candle Cove which is Hollywood adaption into Creepypasta very own Candle Cove which was written by Kris Straubs. Creator… Continue Reading Channel Zero Candle Cove Explained

(Zack Snyder): I felt like there was a way to get those moments that I loved from the graphic novel into a movie. A movie that was, um… …unusual and interesting and… …self-reflexive and… …I felt like that movie was in there. (Dr. Manhattan): They claim their labors are to… Continue Reading Watchmen: A Clock Without A Craftsman