Hey there, people. I’m Cerberus And I have some great news for you Galaxy News Radio has come to the Commonwealth We’ve got it all, people News, music And even incredibly helpful public service announcements We have full news coverage of everything that I think qualifies as news Unlike that…… Continue Reading Galaxy News Radio v2.0 Trailer 1 (Fallout 4 Radio and Dungeon Mod)

Title: Fallout 4 Soundtrack: Fallout 4 Soundtrack Playlist Diamond City Radio Inspired Album

Hey guys! So this week, my friend Matt and I took a trip down the Salton Sea and let me tell you, it was quite the experience. The lake is basically a 115-year-old engineering mistake that has arguably turned into an ecological disaster. If you’ve never been before, I highly… Continue Reading The Salton Sea: The Skeleton in California’s Closet

With all the recent political nonsense that’s been going on People are throwing the word “orwellian” around more than usual Whether or not those concerns are founded There’s been a lot of speculation regarding just what kind of horrible future the world is headed towards Will we really live in… Continue Reading How Many Nukes Would it Take to Eradicate Humanity?

9th of August, 1945…It’s written here from right to left… Chanson singer and Actor, Akihiro Miwa was 10 years old at the time. In 1945 on that day, he was at home in Nagasaki, as he was drawing for summer holiday’s homework the atomic bomb was dropped. Well, it was… Continue Reading Atomic bomb Hiroshima/Nagasaki – Akihiro Miwa

This episode is brought to you by Dashlane; never forget another password and keep all your credentials secure by signing up for a free account today! Imagine this: A sudden bright light followed by the sounds of the heavens opening. An intense heat blast smashes through the city and a… Continue Reading WHAT TO DO IF THERE IS A NUCLEAR EXPLOSION?!