More than 6.3 million hectares of Australian bush, forest and national park have burned in what’s being called the worst wildfires in the continent’s history. The megafires have claimed the lives of 24 people, including 3 volunteer firefighters, over half a billion animals, and has killed off Prime Minister Scott… Continue Reading Settler Colonialism Is Behind Climate Denial

GAS! It’s in car, and it’s in your butt. And it’s on my mind. Alright, Lets light stuff on fire! This is cars down to the atom Gasoline. Turns out it’s not just for huffing and getting high. It’s also for your cars and lawnmowers and leaf-blowers! It’s so good… Continue Reading Gasoline – How it works | Science Garage | Donut Media

♪ [gentle guitar]You know, I feel like I grew up around firewood.Grew up around wood, I grew up around wood burning stoves,fireplaces.I feel like it’s kind of in my blood.My name is Jesse Horne, and I am the founderof Smoke and Flame Firewood Company. North America’s only premium hand crafted… Continue Reading Maker Series: Artisanal Firewood | CBC Radio (Comedy/Satire)

Australia is enduring some of the worst days in its history from out-of-control bushfires over the weekend the fires turned skies pitch red in the country’s southeast Arjun jung-min hath the details skies and Australia’s South East have turned red due to the bush fires that have been raging for… Continue Reading Red skies in Australia’s southeast due to raging bushfires

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[inaudible]. Hi, I’m Larry Wolf with Regency fireplace products. I’m here today to show you how to light your Regency Ri50 fireplace. To start with, Simply open the door all the way up and something to remember before we even get started – The Thermo panels inside here, after the… Continue Reading Lighting a Wood Fire in a Ri50 Wood Fireplace | Fireside Tips | Regency

The German newspaper Hamburger Morganpost was the target of an arson attack in the early hours of Sunday January 11th, with German police subsequently making 2 arrests. Like many other German newspapers, Hamburger Morganpost has printed cartoons from French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo following the deadly attack on the Charlie… Continue Reading German newspaper suffers arson attack