Hello everyone, thank you for tuning in to our brief Chronicling America tutorial. Before we begin, we’d like to give you some background information about the Florida and Puerto Rico digital newspaper project. This project is formed from a partnership between the University of Florida Smathers Libraries and the University… Continue Reading Florida and Puerto Rico Digital Newspaper Project

during these david shuster host to take action news on we act radio on take action news dot com and also on you tube that you too dot com slash take action news t_v_ david idoney should probably build up to this but i just want to get right into… Continue Reading Former Fox News Reporter Comes Clean

OK, take a look at that palm tree right over there. That’s not a California palm tree, it’s a Florida palm tree. And I’m currently in a city that had more than 30 movie studios and made 100s of films. This city was locked in a fight with Hollywood and… Continue Reading Hollywood almost lost to this city

– Well hello there. Welcome to today’s program. I want to take a minute and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We want to thank God for this god-blessed nation, one nation under God. Last week I began to bring you an awareness that I believe the Lord showed me that… Continue Reading The Real Story of Thanksgiving Liberals Hide From News Media and Schools!