the opportunity for dialogue between North Korea and the US will disappear if as some it doesn’t take place within this year that’s according to pro-north Korea newspaper Chosun shinbo on Wednesday we say Pyongyang is ready for both dialogue and confrontation it added the regime is patiently waiting for… Continue Reading Pro-North Korea newspaper says chances for dialogue will disappear if N. Korea-U.S. summit…

It is no wonder given these two divergent constructs and world views that they can see the same event and reach two vastly different conclusions. With that in mind let’s watch the Alton Sterling altercation with two officers analyzing from both perspectives. Hello everyone and welcome to Discourse Politics. This… Continue Reading Injustice or Necessary Law Enforcement – Media Bias and Justice

[MUSIC] My name is Jon Parker and I’m a Coordinator for the Media and Communication Studies Program at Algonquin College in General Arts and Science. A new student can expect to learn a variety of hands on skills particularly related to television broadcasting, radio broadcasting, public relations and a lot… Continue Reading Media and Communications Studies

Today I’m going to preserve these newspapers that originally belonged to my husband’s grandfather. His mother came from Germany and resettled in Syracuse in 1800 and this issue was published in 1948, celebrating 100 years of Syracuse. Newspaper is designed to be recycled right after reading. They’re printed on low-quality… Continue Reading How to… Preserve Newspaper

Previously on the Dota 2 Reporter and now back to the show NIGEL: Hello and welcome to a new Dota 2 Report. There have been… wait a minute. Sorry folks, we’re getting breaking news that a new patch has been deployed. 6.85. Complete with balance changes to most of the… Continue Reading The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 65: Patch Notes

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The Traxxas TQi radio system can be reset with just a few simple steps. If the settings have been changed accidentally and you want to revert to the default settings, follow these instructions. The TQi transmitter comes in several different models but can always be identified by the two buttons… Continue Reading How to Reset the TQi Radio System | Traxxas Support

Since I started working in media, it’s always been a manual process. You really can’t be efficient when you have to use a number of different tools to ultimately bring something holistically together. Before Bionic, we’d always used a combination of spreadsheet, flowcharting, tools, minimal pieces of software. The first… Continue Reading Mechanica Review of Bionic Media Planning Software