JEFFREY POSNICK: Hey everybody, this is Jeff Posnick from the YouTube Developer Relations Team. We’re continuing a series of videos talking about migration that developers might have going from Version 2 of the YouTube Data API, to Version 3. We strongly encourage all developers to start that migration if they… Continue Reading YouTube Developers Live: Subscribing to a Channel in v3

CLAIRE FREEMAN: Hi, my name’s Claire. I’m the founder of My Plus One and Airspruce. My Plus One is a web platform that connects travelers with the most interesting locals and places to stay in five cities. And Airspruce is a new service that allows people to have their Airbnb… Continue Reading How I: Write press releases to get international media coverage

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, my name is Fred Chung, developer advocate at Google. This is the first of a two-part DevByte series covering the Android media router framework in the support library. It has become increasingly common for users to stream movies or play music from their tablets or smart phones.… Continue Reading DevBytes: Media Router Framework – Part 1 – Media Router API

Hey everybody. This is Jeff Posnick from the YouTube Developer Relations team. And we’re continuing a series of videos about the migration between the older legacy version of the YouTube data API v2 onto the newer version of the data API v3. We strongly encourage folks to begin that migration… Continue Reading YouTube Developers Live: Getting a Channel’s Uploads in v3

LISA WRAY: Hi, my name is Lisa Wray and I’m a Developer Advocate at Google. Today I’m going to talk about MediaRouteProvider. In the last episode, we talked about the Android Support Library MediaRouter. That was the first part of our series on the Media Router Framework, the API for… Continue Reading Media Router Framework – Part 2 – MediaRouteProvider

RACHAD ALAO: My name is Rachad, and I lead Android’s media framework. Media is an integral part of our life, bringing us together, enabling us to share emotions through music, pictures and video. Today we’ll discuss how to create these experiences and share them with Android. First, Glenn and Andy… Continue Reading Google I/O 2014 – Building great multi-media experiences on Android

♪ (intro music) ♪ Hello everyone! I welcome you all in this Android Development Fundamentals. An app is basically a solution or a mediumby which you get a solution to a lot more users.(Tata Trust) You have to figure out what kind of benefitthe person’s going to get by using… Continue Reading Google Developers India Channel Trailer