People always ask me, they go, “Trevor, how do you… how do you laugh when the news is sad? How do you find the jokes and everything?” I tell people it’s not that I find things funny– it’s that my mind uses that as a tool to protect me from… Continue Reading Terence Crutcher’s Police Shooting & Racial Bias in America: The Daily Show

Last question here [before] you finish up the bikers Brian congratulations, I’m from Europe from the nails economy We’re [only] interested in soccer, but I enjoyed the final so much in this game was very great, but how is it for you? watching it from the sidelines and not Able… Continue Reading NBA Players Owning Reporters

– We have, walking into studio, probably one of the most famous people that has been on this show. (indistinct chatter) Welcome, come on in! – Are you guys doing stuff? – We’re live, man, we’re live. Sit right here. Welcome to the show, YouTube sensation… – Hi. – I… Continue Reading Why David Dobrik Is Single – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

-Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucus in a landslide on Saturday and, now, some pundits in the Democratic establishment are panicking about the possibility that he might be the Democratic nominee. For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Suspenseful theme plays ] [ Cheering and applause… Continue Reading Bernie Sanders’ Rise Prompts Media Meltdown, Establishment Panic: A Closer Look