– It is September 11th. I guess we should probably talk about that. – [Tom] (chuckles) Yeah. – It’s been 17 years. – Damn, that’s crazy. – 17. – If a child was born on September 11th, they’ve been able to drive for a year. – [Tom] They can almost… Continue Reading Swapping the Most Embarrassing Moments Ever – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

[MUSIC PLAYING] ROSEMARY MOSCO: Science can be treated very seriously. And there’s totally a time and a place for that. But if you’re looking for comedic fodder, there is so much in animal behavior and biology. Come on, honey. Oh! [LAUGHS] Nature is really funny. It’s never not funny. You… Continue Reading The Seriously Silly Science Cartoons of Rosemary Mosco

: So the person I’m touching right now, your name is no longer what it is. Your name is now Eyi-eyi-oh. Your name?: Mei-mei-meieyo: Not all the shows go perfect, just so you know. I think he was saying eyi-eyi-oh, right? is that what you were saying, eyi-eyi-oh?: Mei-Mei-Meieyo…: Right!… Continue Reading Hypnosis Gone Wrong Vol.1 – Hypnosis Video!

– Hmm-ah. Hmm-eh. mmm eh. (indecipherable mumbles) Robbie Hood. Robin Hobb. Sorry not Robin Hood. She sorta–It was actually the flyship traders Julia which is– – How was your weekend so far? – Yeah, I love the weekend. – Have you ever wondered what social media apps or websites would… Continue Reading Social Media IRL

(phone ringing) – Yeezy so psyched for the new album coming out. Now, you know how usually when the new album drops, we hop back on Twitter and say a bunch of super not woke stuff? How ’bout this time, we just promote the new album? And don’t say– –… Continue Reading Kanye’s Social Media Manager

Hey, sometimes you just can’t find a babysitter. During her live MSNBC breaking news broadcast about the Turkish military’s offensive in northern Syria on Wednesday morning, NBC News’ national security and Pentagon correspondent Courtney Kube was momentarily interrupted when one of her 4 and 1/2-year-old twin sons wandered on set and began talking… Continue Reading NBC News Reporter’s Son Adorably Interrupts Mom’s Live Broadcast – US News

NIGEL: Hello and welcome to a new Dota 2 report. Hope you’ve been enjoying the game. I have some downtime here as the hero I’m controlling, Phoenix, is dead. It looks as though we’re about to see in this game barracks exploding Let’s see how it turns out. TERRORILLUSION: Ah,… Continue Reading The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 56: Pricey Exchange