(Smg4 intro) get ready to move your pingas! (music) Smg4 watching How to say hello in 30 different languages. (Merio knocking on door) (faster knocking) hello it’s a me Hello! (gibberish) wahaa! no no no no no no no no no! Oh HELL NO! NOOO! NOOO! NO NO NO! bodey… Continue Reading The Mario Channel: Mario Vs Wild

-After a week of horrific attacks, President Trump has once again attacked the media while his allies blame both sides for violent rhetoric. For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look”. [ Cheers and applause ] In moments of crisis like this, it is clear that Trump is… Continue Reading Trump Attacks the Media as His Allies Blame “Both Sides” for Violence: A Closer Look

ok guys today I show you best ak reload drill here we go Hi, it’s Andrew with Gr6 today I fire this fully automatic bolt-action rifle…Murica focus focus my Anaconda don’t my anaconda don’t Whoo aw awesome look at. This. This is really bananas ya sharp shots hello Today my… Continue Reading Famous Gun Channels Parody

All right, here’s how it works. Twitch is going to read a category. We’ll have five seconds to name three of those things in the category, and then hit the buzzer, and we’ll see how much time is left on the clock. It has to be less than five seconds.… Continue Reading Maya Rudolph Channels Beyoncé & Oprah During ‘5 Second Rule’

So, you guys excited for the big game coming up? Yes! I can’t wait to cheer for the home team. [all] Home team! Home team! Home team! Oh no. – What’s wrong? – What? The social media version of my ex just walked in. Aw, that’s your ex? Worse. It’s… Continue Reading The Social Media Version Of Your Ex-Girlfriend

(The goddamn Glitchy Boy intro) (SMG4 Presents :D) Mario: GRR! (SYKE! This is Mario’s channel!) Mario: Get ready to move your pingas! (Suspensefully zooming into a castle) Mario: Ha-ha! Hello! (It’s-a Mario…) (gibberish) Here we go! (Sexy mario challenge) Flying Mario Head TV: (gibberish) x3 Toad: Owoahwoahwoah! N-n-NOOO! Wario: AAH!… Continue Reading The Mario Channel: MARIO’S CHALLENGE

If there’s one thing I love more than causing chaos on the internet, it’s being right. And now, after all this time, it appears I’ve finally managed to combine the two. Looks like I was right. Again. So today, we are not reacting to funny life hacks are creepy family… Continue Reading This “channel” tricked 900k users. This is how. (Spill)

Oh, hi there. So good to see you. I was just reading an article from [insert mainstream media company]. You know, the biased one? With the misleading articles? Oh. Yeah, that doesn’t really narrow it down, now does it. Whoops. But, from this article, I learned that while YouTubers may… Continue Reading brands are running drama channels and it’s . . . a lot (spill)

– You know, every year at the NBA finals, they hold Media Day. This is an event where all the reporters go to interview all the players. We’ve been sending Guillermo– Guillermo to media day for six years now. He’s talked to everyone. There’s Steph Curry, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Durant–… Continue Reading Guillermo vs LeBron James at 2017 NBA Media Day

اتجاهات وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي 2016 فيديو التواصل الاجتماعي يتزايد في عام 2016 سوف تكون ضخمة كل يوم ٨ بليون فيديو يشاهد علي الفيسبوك بليون مستخدم نشط شهرياعلي يوتيوب ٣٠ مليون نتائج البحث علي ٣٦٠ فيديو الواقع الافتراضي سيصل التواصل الاجتماعي periscope كان لديه ١٠ مليون مستخدم نشط في صيف ٢٠١٥… Continue Reading Social Media Revolution 2016