Hey guys it’s Reida! Welcome back to my channel, it’s day 17 of the GazettE Vlogmas So, this topic is so late. I just realized that. I probably should’ve talked about this at the very beginning because… GazettE. but before I start it, I just wanna let you know I… Continue Reading How I Discovered+My First Song | the GazettE Vlogmas: Day 17

Hey guys it’s Reida and welcome back to my channel i’m going to talk to you guys about some new releases coming out in the visual kei scene for the end of this winter and upcoming spring so just note that this is just a small, small portion of the… Continue Reading VISUAL KEI WINTER & SPRING RELEASES 2018 | the GazettE, DaizyStripper, & MORE

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel, it’s Reida. It’s day 14 of the GazettE vlogmas So sorry if you can’t really hear me I can’t….- everyone is sleeping so I have to keep my voice low but look at my Christmas tree! and then my aunt won this candy… Continue Reading Christmas Tree + SHOXX FILES 2007 | the GazettE Vlogmas: Day 14 (late)

F**king adorable Who killed Vital Material? He’s coming after you. Hey everyone it’s Reida, welcome back to my channel and it’s day 9 of Vlogmas! the GazettE Vlogmas! So if you watched my last one I hope you enjoyed it. It was definitely interesting and helped my mood. So the… Continue Reading SHOXX FILE 2005-2006 | the GazettE Vlogmas: Day 9

Hey guys it’s Reida, welcome back to my channel it’s day 16 of the GazettE vlogmas, yay so, to make a really quick, super simple video because i’m in the same situation as yesterday and I can’t speak loud right now I’m gonna talk about 1 thing that I like… Continue Reading 1 Fav Thing About Each Member | the GazettE Vlogmas: Day 16

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel and I’m finally gonna go over the RAD MARKET merch so for the 15th anniversary I actually really, really, really, really, like the goods so I wasn’t really fond of the phone cases this time or the sneakers but everything else I absolutely… Continue Reading UNBOXING | the GazettE’s 15th Anniversary Rad Market Goods

Hey guys, it’s Reida welcome back to my channel and I have the 2017 fukubukuros! when I was walking out of the post office I’m just like man… like it’s…half of my size but anyway so I have 2 bags in here I have another bag at Kassidy’s house but… Continue Reading Unboxing the GazettE’s BLACK MORAL 福袋 Fukubukuro 2017

Hi everyone it’s Reida, welcome back to my channel! so, I’m so tired, but before work I wanted to do the unboxing of the Yoyogi DVD and this is how big the box is so I ordered it from CDJapan it arrived yesterday but I had to go pick it… Continue Reading Unboxing the GazettE DOGMATIC FINAL -SHIKKOKU- DVD