Let’s play a little game of “name that tune.” I’m going to start singing a tune, and I want you see if you can finish it without me. Ok here it goes: “Ba da ba ba ba…” What about, “I am stuck on Band Aid Brand….” Did you hear that… Continue Reading Influence & Persuasion: Crash Course Media Literacy #6

Hello! My name is Jay Smooth and as you may have guessed from the title of this video, over the next 12 weeks I am going to teach you about Media Literacy. First, allow me to introduce myself: I’m the host of New York’s longest running hip-hop radio show the… Continue Reading Crash Course Media Literacy Preview

Have you ever been window shopping? Just looking in the windows of stores…browsing? Did anything from the store ever just…follow you around? You’re browsing for a new hat and see one you like, but pass it by. Then in the video game store next door the hat is just…sitting on… Continue Reading Online Advertising: Crash Course Media Literacy #7

Questions of media literacy – what it means, who should have it, and how they should get it – are as old as media itself. Technologies like smartphones and the internet have made media literacy more important than ever. But concerns about media and their effects have been around a… Continue Reading History of Media Literacy, part 1: Crash Course Media Literacy #2

Have you ever shared a GIF from your favorite movie or Instagrammed some meme you found online? In that moment, did you ever think about where that content came from and if you were allowed to use it? Did you consider that it may actually be illegal to share it?… Continue Reading Media Policy & You: Crash Course Media Literacy #9

Picture this. You sit down in front of a new movie. Or you turn on the radio in the car. What is your brain doing? Well, a lot of things, hopefully. But your brain is also working to make sense of whatever media you encounter. A flicker of pattern recognition… Continue Reading Media & the Mind: Crash Course Media Literacy #4

During our last lesson we went way, way back to Ancient Greece where people were still a bit wary of the written word. We looked at how the printing press revolutionized literacy and later, how the newspaper became the first mass media. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.… Continue Reading History of Media Lit, part 2: Crash Course Media Literacy #3

Hi, I’m John Green and this is Crash Course, Navigating Digital Information. So you know when you take a slice of pizza out of the microwave and it’s extremely hot? But you’re so hungry that you decide to just fight through the pain and take a bite anyway. Whereupon you… Continue Reading Click Restraint: Crash Course Navigating Digital Information #9

Hello. I’m Craig, and this is Crash Course Government and Politics. Today I’m gonna talk a little bit about the media. Specifically, the way the media interacts with the government itself, and more specifically, the way the government regulates the media. Some of you might be saying, “Craig, get real,… Continue Reading Media Regulation: Crash Course Government and Politics #45

Say you have an evil twin. They’re just like you but…different – somehow evil-er. Maybe they have a fancy twirling mustache and are just constantly listening to emo music. Maybe they hate chocolate and fun and bubbles and the greatest film of all time, Titanic. What if your evil twin… Continue Reading The Dark(er) Side of Media: Crash Course Media Literacy #10