Hi guys, I’m Jeremy Rennex, Head Teacher, Technology, Cessnock High School. I really wanna thank you for the opportunity to talk some IPT with you today. So we’ll get started. I thought we could break this down into a number of components, so we’re gonna start with course outline. We’ll… Continue Reading Information Process Technology: Exam Structure

(crowd shouting) – [Hossam] We just yesterday witnessed its strongest presence in probably four decades. – I was living in Egypt in 2011 when the revolution happened. I was really moved by the risks that I saw every day citizens take to stand up to authority and to document abuses… Continue Reading Berkeley students investigate war crimes using social media

Good morning, I’m Allan Blum and I’m a family physician at the University of Alabama. And the last time I was in this room was five years ago when Emory Waters and I presented the opera that he created drawing patients closer. So it’s good to be back. Thank you… Continue Reading Survival of the News Media: Amid our Digital Device Dependence, is There a Future for Print?