Hello, All Today we’re going to be diving into an introductory explanation on the topic of information dominance. As a Non-Denominational Leftist, I think that looking back on history and trying to understand the times where the world didn’t stop being bad even though some part of the system changed… Continue Reading Intel to Noise Ratio | Information Dominance 1 | Heroic Age

Hi. I am at Hiroshima Castle. This castle was founded by… Mori Terumoto. Let’s check it out. Hiroshima Castle is located in downtown Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture. The founder of this castle was a samurai named Mori Terumoto. Why did he decide to build Hiroshima Castle? Let me introduce an interesting… Continue Reading Upgrade My Castle – Hiroshima Castle

SARAH GREEN (VOICEOVER): This episode of “The Art Assignment” is supported by Prudential. [MUSIC PLAYING] You may be unhappy about the recent US presidential election. You may be elated about it. Or you may not care at all, because you live in a different country and have political issues of… Continue Reading Cases for Political Art | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

Nagasaki was selected to become target city number two. Exactly three days after Hiroshima, a B-29 set out for Nagasaki. Japan has today surrendered. The last of our enemies is laid low. Our relationship today with Japan is one of the most important that we have in the world. We’ve… Continue Reading Hiroshima 70th anniversary: The bombings explained

The President: Why do we come to this place? To Hiroshima? We come to ponder a terrible force unleashed in the not-so-distant past. We are most starkly reminded of humanity’s core contradiction. How the very spark that marks us as a species, our thoughts, our imagination, our language, our toolmaking,… Continue Reading President Obama Visits Hiroshima

WARNING: This video contains spoilers!! Please watch Episode 1 first! Hiroshima Train Game! This is great and all but it’s not gonna work. What is it? It’s not sweet bean! You’re kidding me! Two of them are sweet bean! What on earth is this? Nagi, this isn’t right! Not right… Continue Reading 【Bonus Scene】HIROSHIMA TRAIN GAME ≪BEGIRAGONSES#1≫

With all the recent political nonsense that’s been going on People are throwing the word “orwellian” around more than usual Whether or not those concerns are founded There’s been a lot of speculation regarding just what kind of horrible future the world is headed towards Will we really live in… Continue Reading How Many Nukes Would it Take to Eradicate Humanity?

広島電鉄、略して広電 移動がてら動画を撮影しました。 短い間ですがお楽しみください。 広電宮島口駅から出発 広島駅、西広島、新井口などを目的地にする場合は、 並走するJRの方が目的地に早く到着します。 途中で動画が切れてしまいました… そして市内に移動、ここは原爆ドーム前駅 今は更地ですが、ここには広島市民球場がありました しばらく見ないうちに、様変わり 浦島太郎になった気分です 広島の中心地、紙屋町の風景 しばらく散歩をし、アーケード街である本通りへ 一眼レフのレンズのズームが壊れてしまい、アップがぎこちない… 広島カープが大好きなんですね 僅かな間でしたが、久しぶりに乗れてよかったです 〆は広島名物のお好み焼きです

Welcome to Hiroshima! I got a Premium BOSS THE LATTE … And I got Dodekamin, the pain killer. We moved on from Osaka. We’re in Hiroshima for 2 days only. Among other sights we’re going to see – I will rotate the camera – Hiroshima Castle. And it’s ruins. Very… Continue Reading Japan Reise VLOG [Burg Hiroshima & das Enigma der Momiji] Japan Blog Deutsch

Hi everyone! Today I went to Mitaki Temple which is around 5 km away from Hiroshima city centre I saw 5 km on my map and thought it’ll take me half an hour to get there. Easy. but it didn’t because this temple is on a hill so I had… Continue Reading Świątynia Mitaki ~Mitaki Temple~ Hiroshima