Hi, my name is Alex, and in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to find and access individual newspapers on The University of Alabama Libraries’ website. In a previous tutorial, I showed you how to find historical newspaper databases. But what if you just want to see if… Continue Reading Find and Access Newspapers by Title

– Hello, I’m delighted to be speaking to Sally and Suranne today about Gentleman Jack, which is fantastic. I’ve seen the first episode. It’s great. But I think the best place to start, really, would be with a clip, so that you can all meet Anne Lister for the first… Continue Reading Suranne Jones talks about Gentleman Jack | BFI + Radio Times TV Festival 2019

So I’m at a set of newspaper.. old newspaper stand thing. This has been here, these newspaper machines like I could definitely tell you for decades. So I just walked up and figured we’d give this a shot and we’ve got some other videos of few other sites like this… Continue Reading Metal Detecting Newspaper Machines

Hey guys I’m Danielle from the Sacramento Better Business Bureau and this is Torch Talk. Last October the Federal Communications Commission finalized Internet privacy rules that would prohibit internet companies from using certain personal information without your permission. Some of the information includes: your location, what apps use you’re using,… Continue Reading INTERNET PRIVACY REPEAL: Is Your Information Being Sold?

There is nothing wrong with your internet. Do not attempt to change the channel. We are controlling this transmission. When If wishes to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. When If wishes to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the… Continue Reading We are IF channel Trailer

So as you know this weekend just gone was the ufo summit that i made a video on a couple of weeks back, sadly I was unable to attend. Not for want of trying, but family commitments overrode my chances of attending. I am sorry I still wanted to follow… Continue Reading Bangkok UFO conference and a quick channel update.

In April 2019, US magazine In Touch published potentially scandalous news: the second in line to the throne of Great Britain and Northern Island, Prince William, was having an affair… The story immediately hit news headlines across the world – except for the newspapers in the United Kingdom. Why? According… Continue Reading Is the British Media Covering Up this Royal Scandal?