The cars that wear the famous twin-kidney grill, have a long and glorious motor racing heritage. With success had come an opportunity to return to the old principles of excellence and high-performance. BMW had come a long way. BMW’s philosophy is never been to be wild with its cars, it’s… Continue Reading The Evolution of the BMW 3 Series | Donut Media

In the year 2000, Motorola was monumental. With a market value of nearly $80 billion and a slew of high-tech acquisitions and new products on the horizon, they seemed unstoppable. But by 2009, things had gone so wrong so fast, that the company’s value had plummeted to levels unseen in… Continue Reading LGR Tech Tales – Motorola: Radio Legacy to Mobile Dominance

– Every radio definitely has its own personality. This is the boom box your grandmother or maybe your great-grandmother would have carried around. This reminds me of a football, actually. If you live in a split-level house, this is the radio for you. This radio has never been opened before,… Continue Reading The Vintage Radio Repairman

The radio »Stern Sport«, more specifically the T130, was produced in the 60s in Berlin by the collective enterprise Stern Radio. The whole firm was marketed under the umberella firm RFT, who were popular in the DDR in the 70s and 80s for home electrics. The price of the radio… Continue Reading Radio “Stern Sport” – #unboxingDDR (English Subtitles)

America’s Historical Newspapers contains primary source information with thousands of full text newspapers spanning 1690 to 2000. The timeline is based on the most studied topics in American History, and includes the government, military, and political events. Social and cultural issues, and discoveries, inventions and firsts. Scroll the timeline to… Continue Reading How To: Use America’s Historical Newspapers

What happens this week? Well, Austria-Hungary signs an armistice with the Allies, leaving Germany alone in the fight. If you think that was bad enough for Germany, this week also sees… revolution in Germany! I’m Indy Neidell; welcome to the Great War. Last week the Ottoman Empire signed an armistice… Continue Reading Revolution in Germany – Armistice in Austria I THE GREAT WAR Week 224

yes president Donald Trump becomes the third president in American history to be impeached by the House of Representatives over using his power and obstructing Congress Trump now faces a trial in the Senate which will decide whether he stays in office as the global economy continues to struggle with… Continue Reading 2019.12.19 12:00 NEWS Headlines

Newspapers com has millions of wonderful articles that might contain stories about your ancestors and when you find a newspaper clipping that you want to attach to to your family tree how do you go about doing that we’re going to talk about that next Howdy I’m Devon Noel… Continue Reading How to Add Clippings to