THOMAS: Hi, I’m Thomas Morton. We’re here in the sewer system of Bogota, Colombia, a place where for the past 30 years, the city’s kind of lower-rung street kids have sought refuge from the right wing death squads, which fairly regularly patrol the city above. In the late ’80s, kind… Continue Reading Living in the Sewers of Colombia

this episode of the upper supported by netflix good netflix dot com slash he likely vernon walks pretrial diversion newspaper at cal state university long beach is apologizing for an article that was published by their at it you know what kelly and and know what kelly out from the… Continue Reading Student Newspaper Apologizes For Editorial On Native Americans

Hi, Angel. Hi. Oh my– I’m like freezing. Wow, this is amazing. First of all, it’s really nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. Your name is Angel. You’re 18 years old. Yes. And your life is– we’ve had a lot of people on the show and I’ve… Continue Reading Ellen’s Surprise for Aspiring Teen Reporter Brings Him to Tears

[Richard] Newsflash, newsflash, come again Prince Phillip in a car crash Once a driver, always a driver Newsflash, newsflash, come again Newspaper Theatre is a group of people that get together Reflect about current events and things that are happening in the paper And put our own spin and interpretation… Continue Reading Cardboard Citizens: Newspaper Theatre, January 2019

Who here has heard of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? You have heard of it. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. What is it? Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press. Anything else in there? Freedom of religion. The press is not free if what the press… Continue Reading Street Paper: A Documentary About America’s Top-Selling Homeless Newspaper (2012)

From a leopard hooked to pot to pleasuring oneself in a library, we count 30 more ridiculous newspaper headlines. 30. “Hospitals Resort to Hiring Doctors” What have they been hiring, then? The second headline just explains there are a shortage of physicians and there needs to be some kind of… Continue Reading 30 More Ridiculous Real Newspaper Headlines

BEN: Your heart’s racing. Obviously, you’re hoping that we wouldn’t get caught. -There’s something about the hobo that has to be recorded in American history. BEN: The whole time we were asking ourselves, what is the story here? What is the story of the hobo? What is a hobo? EMPRESS… Continue Reading Death of the American Hobo (Documentary)