At number 5, we have the Tiny Tim on-stage heart attack. For those of you who don’t know, Tiny Tim was an American ukulele player, active between the 1960’s until the 1990’s. Younger generations might recognize his music from either SpongeBob Squarepants or 2010’s Insidious. In 1996 Tiny Tim was… Continue Reading 5 Disturbing Pieces Of Lost Media | Curious Countdowns #5

“The storm is getting worse. Do not go outside under any circumstances. If you need assistance, dial 911.” I plopped down on the couch with a bottle of wine. “We certainly picked the right time for a honeymoon, huh? We’re going to be snowed in for days.” “I don’t mind,”… Continue Reading “The emergency alerts on the radio don’t make sense” | Scary Stories | Creepypasta

– It must be a huge relief, even though you kind of know it’s funny, when you hear the long time, I guess they start to rub off a little bit, when you hear an audience like that just laughing away, – Yeah, that was the best. – Really nice.… Continue Reading The cast of Ghosts on their horror sitcom | The BFI + Radio Times TV festival

– This session’s gonna be a lot about the future of TV but let’s start from the very beginning, where and when did Black Mirror come about? How did the idea develop? – We’d just done Dead Set, which was a, can you hear me? – [Audience] Yes. – Just… Continue Reading Charlie Brooker on Black Mirror | The BFI + Radio Times TV Festival 2019

hey guys me host supersorrell thank you very much Jaden so it’s time for my channel update you guys have been asking me on social media and stuff as to why my thoughts are anything that’s going on right now obviously with the Coppa thing and every youtuber on the… Continue Reading SuperSorrell Channel Update – COPPA, FTC & Youtube Changes 2020

“Look out! It is the zombie principal!!” Run schoolies run! It’s the zombie principal! Run schoolies run! It’s the zombie principal! She will teach you on her board Till you are bored bored bored She will teach you on her board Till you are bored bored bored TO SLEEP Run… Continue Reading Run Schoolies Run | Halloween Cartoon Songs For Children | Videos by Kids Channel

, we will receive salary and new nonexistence indirect effect and happy Halloween error, and Halloween magic’s and units in a made a sale on its annual ceiling Bianchi and I see and be eyeing the clinton’s testimony from the pool and Mackinaw takes to keep bothering me the first… Continue Reading Halloween Horror Live

[music]try to try to try to fall away [music]running in my dream my dreams they said suburban to reality – reality [music]Familia see truth [music]way too much [music]and I’ve been waiting here for you since lobby [music]I’ve been waiting here for you since the beginning of [music]there’s a secret [music]here… Continue Reading 1.14 Epic Minecraft update[seriously what have you done]!

Hey Greg, welcome back to another episode of “What The Fuck Are Kids Watching These Days?” It’s not good. It’s definitely not good. I think the last time I talked about a channel that’s mostly just for kids was the Sharer family. They’re just your average American family that’s convinced… Continue Reading This Children’s Channel Is Basically A Horror Movie