it’s a windy day outside as you can see the wind is blowing however there are some signs that spring is on its way oh I can’t wait until spring arrives I can’t wait until this horrible horrible long wet winter is right behind us welcome everyone here we go… Continue Reading What is an Abbreviation? / English Addict – 50 / Wed 11th March 2020 / with Mr Duncan

– [Narrator] It’s hard to imagine a time before likes. Or sliding into DMs, or face filters, or memes, we’re obsessed with social media. And all the oversharing that comes with it. Not everyone needs to be up in your business. Go private, from Twitter to Instagram, you can delete… Continue Reading Data Detox: Social Media | Firefox



newspaper tubes glue 3 tubes over other 3 let dry well fold a tube in half pass a tube under and the other above then cross them start weaving 3 tubes together You the second line , 2 tubes together put a tube inside the other continue weaving mark wher… Continue Reading Cómo hacer cestos con papel periódico. Reciclaje. DIY. Basket recycling newspaper.

Many people don’t know the best procedure to speak into a walkie talkie for the best sounding audio. It’s very important to use the right procedure because it helps people to understand what you’re saying without having to repeat your message. The two most common problems are talking too close… Continue Reading You’re probably using your radio wrong. Here’s the correct way

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cut 2 cardboard circles of 10 cm diameter cut an odd number of tubes, i put 13 glue them symmetrically around the circle and I add a long one with which I am going to weave the basket let dry well acrylic paint with 3 tubes I make a braid… Continue Reading Cómo hacer una canasta con papel periódico. Reciclaje. DIY. Basket recycling newspaper.