How to Make a Beautiful Tree Room Decor from Newspaper. Things You Need… Plaster of Paris, Thermocol/Styrofoam Sheet, Bandage Artificial Flowers, Artificial Grass, Acrylic Colors, Brushes Aluminium Wire, Pliers, Scissors, Ruler Pencil, Cutter, Adhesive, Glue Gun Lets start with the thermocol/styrofoam sheet. Take plaster of paris and dilute it with… Continue Reading WOW! What an IDEA of DIY Tree Room Decor From Newspaper | Handmade Art Home Decoration!

DIY Wall Decoration ideas with Newspaper | Wall Hanging ideas with Newspaper

I just want to say up front if you are under the age of 13 then click off this channel right now I can guarantee this channels content is not meant for you why did I just say that to protect my channel from COPPA also known as the child’s… Continue Reading COPPA, and (minecraft) gaming channels.

There are a lot of third party YouTube tools out there that you can use to help you grow your channel and your audience, and one of the ones I use the most frequently is And today we’re going to give you a few ideas of how you can… Continue Reading 5 FREE Ways to Improve your Channel with Socialblade

In this week’s YouTube Channel Review, we are going to take a look at a vlogging channel and talk about some of the ways that your storytelling can impact your vlogging channel’s and growth. And this will apply to many other channels too. That’s coming up. Hey, guys. My name… Continue Reading How Storytelling Influences a Channel’s Growth [CR Ep. #03]

So, you are new YouTuber, and you have a channel to launch. I’m going to tell you exactly seven things you need to consider before, and during, and after you launch it in order to make it as successful as possible. That’s coming up. Hey, guys, my name is Tim… Continue Reading 7 Steps to Launching a New YouTube Channel

It’s dat time again… I guess I gotta make another video.. Let’s see how the comments did on my last one… comments did on my last one Why am I talking like *laugh* Zavala the idiot:”Truly ran out of ideas.” Nayeli the 10 year old: “Felix is low-key running out… Continue Reading I’m out of ideas for this channel…