I think there is a corpse in this sack. Is this a man or a woman’s corpse? I think it is a woman’s corpse. Come on. Move aside. What is going on here? Does anyone of you recognize this corpse? You need to solve this test paper at home. Answer… Continue Reading India Alert | Episode 314 | Khooni Mulakat ( खूनी मुलाक़ात ) | Dangal TV Channel

Leave me! Let me go! -Daughter-in-law! -Father! Father! Is anybody here? Please help my father! Father! My father! My father is drowning. Kishor! Father! Father! Kishor! Father! Father? -What happened? -Father drowned in the river. He drowned. Father! Father? Father? Father? Father! -Did you find him? -No. What’s going on… Continue Reading India Alert || New Episode 288 || Bebus Pita ( बेबस पिता ) || Dangal TV Channel

-Varun. -Yes, mom. What are you always looking at through the binoculars? -Come on. Let me see too. -Mother, I… -Show me. -I was looking at the stars. Looking at the stars? During the day? Yes, I can see them through these too. Is it? I want to see too.… Continue Reading India Alert | Episode 313 | Sweet Aunty ( स्वीट आंटी ) | Dangal TV Channel

A person’s respect is in his own hands. If you believe in God, then do not do anything wrong. And neither should you bear anything wrong. Stand up against wrong. God will definitely help you. Had I not come to save you, then you would have been dead. And what… Continue Reading India Alert | Episode 311 | Masoom Gudiya ( मासूम गुड़िया ) | Dangal TV Channel

What is this? There was no water supply yesterday and today as well. Until when will this go on? There is some issue with the motor. Mom! Mom! Mom! What happened? Why are you shouting so much? Karan, call Mobin. Ask where he is. He never answers my call. It’s… Continue Reading India Alert || New Episode 287 || Shatir Bhai ( शातिर भाई ) || Dangal TV Channel

My exams are knocking at the doors. I’m not well prepared for the exams. I’m feeling very nervous. Don’t be nervous. Stop watching TV and don’t be active on social media. Sleep for lesser hours. Concentrate on your studies instead of thinking of your boyfriend. Simple! -Sister, you’ve started again.… Continue Reading India Alert || New Episode 303 || Kalyugi Maa ( कलयुगी माँ ) || Dangal TV Channel

Subscribe to Dangal TV YouTube channel. Press the bell icon for our latest video. India Alert. A voice against crime. It was buried here. Make arrangement to get this dug up immediately. It looks like something is there. Dig some more. Look closely at it. It belongs to my daughter… Continue Reading India Alert || New Episode 283 || Khamosh Gawahi ( खामोश गवाही ) || Dangal TV Channel

No maid wants to work here. What wrong with everyone? She was the fifth maid who quit her job. I have to manage all the household chores. What do I do? Tell me. In spite of me being willing to pay them more than others I can’t find one. How… Continue Reading India Alert || New Episode 300 || Hanikarak Aaya ( हानिकारक आया ) || Dangal TV Channel

Please leave me! Please leave me! No! Please leave me! Please leave me! leave me! What happened? No office today? What do I do? Your long tresses have trapped me. They won’t let me go. Go, get ready. You’ll be late for office. Wifey, I have enough time. What I… Continue Reading India Alert | New Episode 270 | Behrupia ( बहरूपिया ) | Dangal TV Channel

Anyway, I have no one other than Vinay. All I want is for him to be married. But the priest said you rejected a hundred proposals. Ma’am, that’s not a big deal. Proposals don’t stop coming. If they liked a girl, they’d agree immediately. And if they don’t like them,… Continue Reading India Alert || New Episode 298 || Shakki Pati ( शक्की पति ) || Dangal TV Channel