My name is Joel Margliano. I’m the Manager of Information Systems for Kankakee school district 111 in Kankakee Illinois I am also the President of the Illinois Skyward User Group. I wake up at five o’clock in the morning and really the first thing that I do is I iron… Continue Reading A Day in the Life: Manager of Information Systems

So the field of information systems is really about the procurement and the management of data. The field of business analytics is really about the use of that data to make decision. Students typically that are interested in mathematics and statistics that like to analyze data, those are the students… Continue Reading Information Systems and Analytics at the Farmer School

My name is Ahmed. I’m originally from Iraq. I am studying a Master of Management Information Systems at ECU and almost finishing my course, finishing this year. I always had interest in process management and how it relates to business activities and business productivity. That interest brought me to study… Continue Reading Why I’m Studying A Master of Management Information Systems – Ahmed’s Story

in 1965 we thought this computer thing might really catch on. From punch cards to tape spools to now, we’re still defining the cutting edge. We think we’re pretty good students. Bill Gates awarding us the Imagine Cup showed how good. We were the first I.S. program in a business… Continue Reading 50th Anniversary of VCU Information Systems

[Intro Music] [About the Major] JACKIE: Management Information Systems is the intersection of business and technology. MIS majors design technical solutions to improve business practices and make companies more efficient and secure. JEREMIAH: Unlike computer science, MIS is grounded in business. You first learn how businesses work so that you… Continue Reading Majoring in Management Information Systems

Interaction design focuses a lot on understanding the user and then understanding how they would actually use a product. This class, actually, is very project based. Over the course of the semester we’re going through the process that a designer in a real design job would be going through. The… Continue Reading The Bachelor of Science in Information at UMSI

Our society is made up of organizations. Think about your family, your school, the businesses you buy from, and your government. These organizations are founded upon communication. And communication is based on information. But there’s not enough expertise to understand: Where is the information flowing? How do we make sense… Continue Reading What is Information Studies? | Syracuse University iSchool

Hey, what’s up? John Sonmez here from I got a question about Information Technology. What’s that? I almost tossed this question out because I was like, “Really?” But then I realized that there’s actually some value in this question. Let me read it here. This is from Ohad and… Continue Reading Information Technology (IT): What Is?