– We’re here to talk about your extraordinary career, particularly your extraordinary career as one of the most accomplished and indeed adored people of British television. But unusually it began for you not at drama school but at Lucie Clayton. – In those days, anybody could be a model, literally… Continue Reading The BFI Radio Times TV festival: Joanna Lumley interview | BFI

It’s a very great pleasure for us this evening to say hello to an up-and-coming Merseyside group, The Beatles. I know their names, and I’m going to try and put faces to them. Now, you’re John Lennon, aren’t you? – Yes, that’s right. What do you do in the group,… Continue Reading The Beatles first radio interview (10/27/1962)

(rhythmic music) – Have any of you had a dream project where you’ve taken to a director or another actor and said like, you must do this? “Honey Boy” is your project, you wrote it. – Yeah. – But if you haven’t seen it, it’s terrific. – It’s unbelievable. –… Continue Reading Why Shia LaBeouf Told His Father Mel Gibson Was Set to Portray Him in ‘Honey Boy’ | Close Up

uh… we are selling the sarc with interest and for you guys of the author photobook all losing our religion liberal media as on christianity uh… esti cop joins us welcome at sea taking happening on the problem with your time uh… now physical question for us here my understanding… Continue Reading Cenk Vs S.E. Cupp On Liberal Media Bias Claims

what? Hold Are you study? Yes, beekeeping – specialization – to bonk You are self-confidence? I think yes Come on, duel on vision You are wink! You are wink! You can’t wink! Listen me You want legalization homosexuality? I dont know You don’t know? Yes, i don’t know I hope… Continue Reading Reporter – LukasTV 🎤

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( music playing )With Milo, your best friend. There’s puppies everywhere. Hi. Right now I’m just answering some questions and playing with some puppies. I don’t have any siblings, but there are definitely people in my life who I consider my siblings, such as Meg, you know? My best friend… Continue Reading Milo Manheim Puppy Q&A Challenge! 🐶 | ZOMBIES 2 | Disney Channel