[MUSIC PLAYING] OK, just before we start this morning, I know we’ve got a very broad audience here. So I’d like to take a quick straw poll of understanding who’s responsible for security within their organizations. I think we’ve got a couple of CISOs here, bunch of CIOs, and a… Continue Reading Graeme Cantu Park – Making best in class security ubiquitous

Okay, well I’m originally from Belgium so my heart is still with the Belgium national team, the Red Devil. And so they did very well in the World Cup. Since it’s a remote island, internet is out of the question. So, in that case I would say, a nice bottle… Continue Reading Professor Willy Zwaenepoel, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies

You Check check one two Do you work in or want to work in the technology sector and want to know if you should spend your time on getting technical Certifications or a college degree in today’s video. I’m going to answer that question Make a bunch of these videos.… Continue Reading What is more important to earn in the Information Technology Sector, Certs or Degree?

Coming up, a look at the new Microsoft Azure Information Protection. A new solution that makes it simpler to classify and protect information even as it travels outside of your organization. We will show you new options that let you define how your users can classify their documents and emails… Continue Reading An Introduction to Microsoft Azure Information Protection

Texas has jobs, y’all. Thousands of good-paying jobs waiting to be filled. Satisfying jobs that can turn into lifelong careers. Rewarding jobs in eight high-demand industries all over the state. Industries like information and computer technology. By 2026, the information and computer technology industry is expected to employ more than… Continue Reading Jobs Y’all. Explore Information and Computer Technology!

The IT field has fortunately weathered the recession pretty well, right now. Their unemployment rates are much lower than other industries.>>So you’ve decided you want a career in information technology. Now let’s check out the salary associated with the most common positions:>>That mid-level IT support area, there’s gonna be a… Continue Reading Information Technology Salaries: What You Need to Know

Have you always been drawn to the exciting world of technology? Do you want the opportunity to design your own software program or even pursue the vital security field of cyber defense? Pellissippi State Community College offers the path to earn your degree in Computer Information Technology. With concentrations in… Continue Reading The Computer Information Technology Program at Pellissippi State

(piano music) – I’m really looking for people that are able to talk business, understand business, and can really bring in technology insights into that discussion. I want people to be able to read a balance sheet, I want people to be aware of what it means to function in… Continue Reading A recruiter talks about RSM’s MSc in Business Information Management

Demand for IT Professionals is at an all-time high, wages are increasing and the potential for growth is unlimited. And with Microsoft and Network Plus Certification from the Mid Plains Community College Information Technology Program, you’ll be on your way to your rewarding career. I got a computer when I… Continue Reading IT Program | Information Technology @ MPCC