Hey guys it’s Reida and welcome back to my channel i’m going to talk to you guys about some new releases coming out in the visual kei scene for the end of this winter and upcoming spring so just note that this is just a small, small portion of the… Continue Reading VISUAL KEI WINTER & SPRING RELEASES 2018 | the GazettE, DaizyStripper, & MORE

Hey guys, it’s Reida, welcome back to my channel and I’m gonna talk about RAD MARKET so these are pretty much just common things that I do and I’m sure many of you guys actually do it’s not… anything special actually I’m just gonna drop down some list of things… Continue Reading SURVIVING RAD MARKET SALES | the GazettE Merch

CHIZURU Romanized & subtitled by H. (fb.com/GAZ.PH) Chi Chizuru anata no tegami ni wa yomenai ji dake atte sono kuchi kara kikasete hoshii narenai shiro wa nigate toiki sae hibiku sora no iro sae shiretara sukuwareru no ni umaku dekinu kokyuu mo itsuka wasuretai sou negaeru tsuyosa mo hikanabi sou… Continue Reading the GazettE – 千鶴 [Chizuru] -Original-

Hi everyone it’s Reida, welcome back to my channel! so, I’m so tired, but before work I wanted to do the unboxing of the Yoyogi DVD and this is how big the box is so I ordered it from CDJapan it arrived yesterday but I had to go pick it… Continue Reading Unboxing the GazettE DOGMATIC FINAL -SHIKKOKU- DVD