Hey guys it’s Reida! Welcome back to my channel, it’s day 17 of the GazettE Vlogmas So, this topic is so late. I just realized that. I probably should’ve talked about this at the very beginning because… GazettE. but before I start it, I just wanna let you know I… Continue Reading How I Discovered+My First Song | the GazettE Vlogmas: Day 17

Now Japanese IPTV with a playback function, You can play your favorite programs in the most recent week, Watching 36 Japanese channels in various genres as: live News and Current Affairs, Movies, Live sports, Kids, Learning, Drama & Entertainment, Music… The latest technology of IPTV is now available on Super… Continue Reading Japanese IPTV,Watch Japanese TV channels in Brazil,Chile,USA,Thailand,Singapore,Australia

Staying with the topic,… South Korea’s top office refuted another report coming from Japanese media on Monday morning and said Japan is behind the “truth game”. In a read-out to reporters,… the senior presidential secretary for public communication reaffirmed that Tokyo did apologize to Seoul over the complaint that the… Continue Reading Blue House refutes Japanese media report; confirms Japan did apologize to S. Korea

Looks like an idol. An idol?? OMG what’s this? What’s this on his face?? Hi guys! Aoi desu. Camilla desu. VK Onee San desu. And today we are here in a Japanese culture event in our city to ask random people to react to Visual Kei. LET’S GO!!11 First, a… Continue Reading Random people react to Visual Kei

Helloooo! I’m Ami, and welcome to my channel. I live here in London, and I vlog about…. erm.. Actually, I just realised there’s no main topic to my channel… erm… it’s… It’s all quite random.. ..and not very exciting. Hmm.. yeah, I didn’t really think this through. But maybe one… Continue Reading Ami Yamato – Channel Trailer

(triumphant music) (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Welcome back to the Baby Games. We’ve got it all for ya. The struggles. Oh, the intensity. The triumphs. First up, gymnastics. The American. Working it. Just look at that concentration. 10 meter toddle. One of the marquee events at any Baby Game. (start… Continue Reading If Cute Babies Competed in the Olympic Games | Olympic Channel

Hi everyone! My name is Antonia, and I’m one of the staff members here at JetPens.com. We’re an online store that sells pens & stationery from Japan and beyond. While we’re based in the United States, we do ship to most countries around the world. We offer free shipping for… Continue Reading JetPens Channel Trailer

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel, it’s Reida. It’s day 14 of the GazettE vlogmas So sorry if you can’t really hear me I can’t….- everyone is sleeping so I have to keep my voice low but look at my Christmas tree! and then my aunt won this candy… Continue Reading Christmas Tree + SHOXX FILES 2007 | the GazettE Vlogmas: Day 14 (late)